188: Who wants to partcipate in a 5k?

(My feet wearing my newest pair of Vibrams and basking in the morning sun.)

I bet you think I get tons of exercise on my daily walks outside.  Some days, that’s true.  Most days, it’s not.  Slow walking is exercise, but it doesn’t get the heart rate up and I doubt the calorie burn is terribly high.  Better than sitting in front of the computer, sure.  But not as good as I need to be doing.

Yesterday I received a gift from WordPress in my email.  I bet some of you did, too.  It was an announcement about the WWWP5k.  I have been looking for an excuse to train for a 5k, and here it is.  Synchronicity.  Gotta love it.

You can find the details at the link I provided.  In a nutshell, you can walk, run, skip, hop, swim, cycle, or crawl.  It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as it’s under your own steam in some way, shape, or form.  You can do it on a treadmill, on a track, inside, outside, or upside down.  The event takes place on April 10th, but if you can’t do it that day, you can do it anytime during the week of April 4th-10th.

There is obviously not enough time for me to go from the Couch to 5k.  I will start the training for running a 5k, but plan to do a walk/run.  Or, if I can get M to join me, maybe we’ll hike it.  The weather will be a factor, too.

So.  Who wants to join me?  Anyone??

Mapping My Walks

Joanne recently suggested that a map showing some of the main features of my posts would be helpful so you all can get your bearings.  I think it’s a splendid idea!  But I’m not terribly good at drawing maps so I thought I’d give it a go by labeling a few photos.  Later in the season, when it’s looking a little more green and lush, I’ll see what I can do about taking you on a walking tour.

You might want to click on the photo above to enlarge it a little.  It will be easier to read that way.  For our purposes today (and in the future), the front of the pond is the area at the bottom of the photo (nearest the house, not pictured) and the back is the area where you see the trees (labeled “Woods”).  The W (for West) and the S (for South) are approximate, and there just to give you a general idea of where things are in terms of direction.

Joanne also asked if the trees at the back of the pond were showing any signs of new life yet.  Yes, indeed they are.  The photo above shows the “aura” (as I think of it) created when the trees move from their dormant winter stage into the budding stage.  The yellow is from the blossoms or seeds that are starting to appear on some of the trees.  The trees in this photo are in the back, right hand corner of the above photo.

We have 8 acres of property here at Breezy Acres.  1.5 acres of that is the pond.  It’s about a half mile around the periphery of the property.  Some days I walk down the sledding hill which is to the right (outside of the photo) of the pond.  That brings me approximately to where the willows are shown.  The area just before the willows dips down into a kind of trench.  This is the emergency spillway for the pond.  It comes in handy when the drain at the back of the pond can’t work quickly enough (or becomes clogged, as it was when we first bought the property).  It’s important to have good drainage given all the rain and snow we usually get.  If the pond level were to get too high, it could breach the dam.  The dam is the area built up all along the back and to the right in the above photo.  It holds in the water.  The ground slopes down from both of those areas.

On the right hand side, behind the trees and shrubs lining the dam, it slopes down to a creek which moves the excess water from the spillway to the creek in the woods.  This is usually a dry creek during the summer months, where more trees and shrubs are growing.  The creek in the woods, however, is never a dry creek although I have seen it at fairly low levels during a drought.  The other area at the back of the pond slopes down into the woods.  There is an opening in the trees (just under the letter k in the word “creek” in the photo), and a path that goes down to a small clearing where there is an old apple tree.  If you were to turn right from there, you would eventually end up at the creek and the edge of our property (which runs about 100 feet or so back into the woods).

During the winter months you have probably noticed a house back there in the woods (to the left).  It almost looks like it’s near the pond, but it is set back a ways beyond our property line.  It wasn’t there when we first moved here.  The property back there is boggy and swampy, and it was said that nobody would be able to build there because they wouldn’t get approval for a septic system.  That turned out to be wrong, but only because the county official who wouldn’t approve the septic system was on vacation and they got the substitute guy to say okay.

We planted evergreen trees back in that corner (the left) in the hopes that eventually they will grow tall enough to block our view of the house in the woods.  It might even help with sound, as the couple who live back there are known around here as the Loud Family.  Everything is said at high volume and we can hear their conversations way up here at the house.  It should be said, however, that water carries sound well so their words tend to drift across the pond, up the hill, and through the windows at the back of the house.  Mr. Loud (not his real name, obviously) manufactures steel drums and, every now and then, he plays them.  I especially enjoy that during the summer months while I’m out on the pond in one of the boats.

Rowboat, waiting for summer

Hopefully I have not made things even more confusing.  Just in case that is the case, I’ll stop here and resume the tour another day, when I’m fairly certain we all know where I’m going.  Heh.

And snow it goes…

The day dawned bright and sunny and clear.  By noon we had a heavy cloud cover, and by 2:00pm it was snowing.  Yes, snowing.  It was a weird kind of snow, falling in clumps of tiny balls that look almost like styrofoam.  It is light like styrofoam too.

I did not take the camera with me during my outdoor time today.  I did, however, take a few shots of the snow falling before I went out and about.

Snow falling on ducks

I don’t think the snow will stick.  The ground is probably too warm for that right now.  As of this writing, the snow continues to fall in a flurry-like way, and the prediction by the weather folks is “no significant accumulation.” It will be changing over to rain tomorrow, then snow again tomorrow night.  Messy, methinks, if things start to freeze up a little.


Snow falling on pond

33 Comments on “188: Who wants to partcipate in a 5k?”

  1. I’m in. The nature center near me as a 3 mile (~5K) trail which many people jog and run around. I’ll do a brisk walk on April 10th with ya! It even goes around a pond. 🙂

    • Robin says:

      Fantastic, Scott! I’ll show you my pond if you show me yours. 🙂 (Oh okay, that’s not a great deal since I’m always showing my pond. I’ll think of something else.)

  2. Christina Cronk says:

    How are you liking the Vibrams? I’ve been thinking about getting a pair.

    • Robin says:

      I love ’em, Christina. But you have to be very careful with them at first. They work different muscles in the legs, and it’s easy to overdo it (have REALLY sore muscles) because they feel so comfy. Once you get used to them, though, they’re great.

  3. Mr. Loud manufactures steel drums? That’s a joke, right? If not, it’s even more hysterical!

  4. eva626 says:

    my brother just got a pair of those for his bday! i want them too now!!! great pics

  5. Love the snowy shots, Robin, it’s such a wonderful effect. Great pictures!

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, SunsetSeaSoul. Although I am ready for spring, I still can’t resist the snow when it comes to photographing it. More on that soon… 😀

  6. Ill do the 5k with you! It will help me get ready for the 8 miles Im doing for the March of Dimes! I love the in depth description of your property! Sounds so comfortable :).

  7. ladyfi says:

    Love those shoes – and all your photos!

  8. penpusherpen says:

    Your Vibrams look very, elegant…ish! Is there any problem getting your little toes in? Mine tend to want their own way and I feel they’d go on strike and sulk a lot.
    Loved the map so’s I could get my bearings, but hearing of the Loud family, made my teeth clench, maybe a drum put over Mr Louds head and bashed for a minute or two would get across the idea of consideration or others privacy and noise levels? Just a thought!! We have lovely neighbours who scream loudly at each other as normal, and we’ve had to become used to it, as they show no signs of leaving, maybe ‘cos they think we love their ‘soap’ opera life and couldn’t live without it? Beats the TV programmes sometimes for excitement hands down. Have a great day, Robin, the sun is showing it’s face again here, very cute it looks too!! The little darling. xPenx

    • Robin says:

      I don’t believe I’d ever heard or seen Vibrams described as elegant (ish), Pen. I have a friend who calls the “Shrek feet.” The pair pictured here are not as ogre-like as my black, leather Vibrams, but elegant? lol!

      The Louds are not quite that bad as I don’t think there is much drama going on. Actually, it might be more fun if there were. 😉

  9. It’s about time we get rid of this fluffy stuff, and get some warmth back in the air! I’ve decided to make you a new recipient of the “Versatile Blogger” award – make sure to check out my next post!

  10. Gerry says:

    Yes! We, too, are doing the 5k. I like the way you did your “map.” I might have to borrow that idea.

    Boy do those shoes look wonderful. I love toe socks, so I’m thinking I might like toe shoes, too–this kind, not the painful kind that come with tutus. I’ve never seen anything quite like them before. I really like them, little green toes and all.

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Gerry.

      I love toe socks too. That’s how I knew I would love the Vibrams. They are almost as good as walking barefoot, without getting the bottoms of the feet poked with rocks or cut by glass or stabbed with splinters. However, they do take time to adjust to. They work different muscles in the legs than normal shoes. I went too far for too long when I first started wearing them and my legs were so sore I could barely walk for about a week. The soreness ran from my ankles clear up into my hips.

  11. Meredith says:

    I’m totally in!!! It’s been a while since I’ve done a 5k, and I think its time 🙂

  12. Karma says:

    Oh I heard about the 5K too – I meant to click on the link and find out about it, so thanks for the reminder. I definitely couldn’t run it, but Teddy, Daphne and I could walk it, I’d think. I think your Vibrams are neat – I think I mentioned them when you posted about them last summer while you were in Colorado. I love the concept, but I think I personally would need more support than those look like they could give.

    • Robin says:

      I wondered if the Vibrams would give enough support, Karma. I originally bought them because I was having trouble with my knees, hips, and back. I read an article about how being barefoot is better for the joints so I decided to give them a try. The Vibrams do help, and I can jog now, something I couldn’t do in shoes (my right knee would swell).

  13. Oh thank you for the map Robin! It definitely does help to get my head around where you are going each day. It’s funny how we imagine things being though, as when you mentioned the direction of the creek being to the right, I had always pictured you heading off to the left to go there!

    I see what you mean about the aura of the trees too, which you have captured beautifully in the photo.

    The idea of the WordPress 5k walk appealed to me when I received the email too, although I haven’t yet read the link. I’ve been contemplating an interesting route to take, with plenty of photo opportunities. I’d also like to line up one of my two teenagers to take the walk with me. Not both – they’d fight too much along the way and do my head in! Lol.

  14. milkayphoto says:

    Those are some crazy shoes, Robin!

    I wish I could say the 5K was a challenge for me but I’m pretty much doing that on my elliptical every other day (and yes, this is a big deal for me!) If you asked me 7 weeks ago if I’d be at this level now I would have laughed! Just goes to show how much we can still surprise ourselves!

    Not sure if I’ll be training on the 10th…if I am, I’ll have to think of something clever to photograph!

    Thanks for the tour around your place! You have quite the little piece of heaven there!

    Snow…will it ever end?? Mother Nature is not being very nice!

    • Robin says:

      A 5K walk (or on the elliptical) is not too much of a challenge for me either, Tracy. I’m doing it for the fun of it. And really hope to drag my husband out to hike it (weather permitting). We haven’t been on a good hike in a while, and we both need to start building up some mileage for our summer vacation. We haven’t made a decision about what we’re going to do yet, but I’m fairly certain it will involve lots of hiking.

      I do hope the snow ends soon. Did you get hit with that nor’easter?

      • milkayphoto says:

        Oh, a hike would be lovely! Maybe by the 10th will have warm temps?

        Oh, yes, we got the Nore’easter today. Full of the heavy, slushy, wet kind of snow with winds and all. Hopefully, it will melt quickly!

  15. Barbara Rodgers says:

    It’s strange that the county official couldn’t revoke the permit for the septic system when he got back from vacation. It’s a wonder why people insist on building in unsuitable places.

    Love the map and the rowboat looks so inviting! How deep is your pond?

    I used to walk three miles a day – if something doesn’t come up I may participate… Weekends are so unpredictable…

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Barbara. 🙂

      The pond is 13 feet deep. Shallower at the edges of course, then sloping in towards the deep part.

      Weekends tend to be unpredictable for me too. And then there’s the weather. This time of year I never know what we’ll get. Right now they’re calling for thunderstorms on Sunday so I may be walking my 5k on the treadmill. I hope not. I’d rather hike.

  16. Me, me, me!! I actually already got started (as you know) just in case I can’t make it to the gym on Sunday. Week-ends are usually difficult, unless I’m up REALLY early, because we have so many other things to do.
    How do you like those Vibrams? Are they comfortable? Do they keep your feet warm? I’m not cosidering buying any, just curious.

    • Robin says:

      I really like them, Michaela, but I suspect they’re not for everyone. I think they’re comfortable. They do not, however, keep my feet warm so I haven’t been able to wear them outdoors throughout the winter.

      I may go ahead and do my 5K early too. The weekend is looking stormy. Not good for hiking.

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