A POST that’s been sitting around

Scene from POST (Philadelphia Open Studio Tours). In the common area of this particular studio building.

Back in October of another year (2011), as you may or may not recall or may be just learning about if you’re new to Life in the Bogs, M and I went east to visit family and surprised a friend by showing up at her studio during POST.  I took a few photos while I was there, but hadn’t taken the time to sort through them.  While I was ill with the Attack of the Shingles (sounds like a bad movie, doesn’t it?), I had plenty of sitting around time and used some of it to look at old photos.  I know they’re not THAT old, but so many images have been captured since that time that they feel old to me.

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Gratitude, a good way to end the year

Companions on a journey

#4 on my list of Things To Do While I’m Not Feeling Well:  Say thank you.

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Call and response

I took a slow walk around the pond today.  I heard a group of crows cawing in the trees while I was standing on the porch and decided to follow.  Let’s call it #3 in the category of Things To Do While I’m Not Feeling Well.  That seems like such a long title for a blog post so I went with something a little more succinct as well as appropriate.

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Things to do while I’m not feeling well

#1:  Enjoy a cup of tea.  Really enjoy it.  Watch the steam curl and rise.  Place my hands around the cup and feel the warmth.  Notice the color of the tea.  Breathe in the scent, the warmth, the moisture.  Feel the liquid warmth on my tongue and sliding down my throat and into my stomach, the heat radiating throughout.

Savor the flavor.

Give thanks.

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Childhood disease revisted

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.

~ Kenji Miyazawa

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Enforced break

Yesterday morning

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in the Bogs.  Sunshine, bright blue sky, and relatively warm temperatures made it the perfect day for a walk around the pond.

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Blue Hen Falls

Blue Hen Falls, also located in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, is described on various websites as small, not interesting, and unimpressive.  It is small compared to Brandywine Falls, and perhaps not as interesting or impressive, but I thought it was beautiful, and certainly much more peaceful even though this waterfall was also running more water than usual.

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