166: We shall get there one day

Sailboat just after sunrise

Another great search engine term.  I’ve decided it’s a good way to come up with post titles.  It sure beats most of the stuff I come up with.

Tuesday sunrise

My apologies for the extra post yesterday.  If you didn’t see it, you won’t find it now.  I had an auto-post set up and forgot to cancel it or move it to another day.  It posted.  I deleted.

As you can see, we had a cloudy sunrise this morning.  It was also warmer and a bit more humid than yesterday morning.  Still, it was lovely.  There were a few other folks out on the beach as the sun came up.  There was another woman out there with a camera, but she must have either been in a hurry or lacking patience.  She left before the best part of the sunrise, when the sunlight started seeping through the clouds.


I’m having a bit of an off day today.  I’m not exactly sick but I don’t exactly feel well, like my old self, either.  I attribute that to the food.  We have been buying our lunches and dinners, either going to a restaurant to eat (usually for lunch) or getting take-out (usually for dinner).  The problem with foods prepared by restaurants, especially here for reasons I think I fathom, is that it is WAY over-salted.  I suspect that’s because this is a popular vacation spot for senior citizens who, having weak taste buds, prefer their food heavily salted or heavily sweet.  Sweet and salty, I’m told, are the last to go, if the ability goes away at all.

Morning walk on the beach

Someday I may want my food heavily salted or sweetened.  Today is not that day.  Not all of the restaurants are heavy with the salt shaker, thank goodness.  There are one or two that manage to season their food just right.  I do think when it comes to salt the chef ought to err on the side of caution.  That’s why there are salt shakers on the tables.  Add it if you need it.  But you can’t take it out once it’s in there.

Anglins Fishing Pier

All rants about salt and food aside, it was still a good day.  M and I spent the day on the beach, by the pool, and back on the beach again.  I had a friend sitting behind my chair on the pool deck.  A curlytail lizard.  He (or she) seemed to like it there, and I liked being able to get such a good look at him (or her).  I hope I can catch him (or her) tomorrow with the camera.  Curlytail lizards are natives of the Bahamas and were introduced in Florida in the 1940’s to combat sugar cane pests.  They are common in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.  The curlytail likes to eat ants, grasshoppers, crickets, and beetles.  I think it looks a little like a mini alligator (except for that curly tail that it holds up in the air).

A pair of umbrellas

I’m going to leave here with more color than I arrived with.  I’ve been slathering on the sunscreen.  Unfortunately I think that bottle of sunscreen that is more than a few years old may have lost some of its potency.  I purchased a new bottle, a tad late.  I’m not burnt badly, thank goodness.  I am very fair skinned and spent my childhood summers burning, blistering, peeling, and burning some more.  I do tan eventually but it’s not a brown tan.  It’s very reddish and looks like I’m still burnt.

Gull in flight

I guess that’s about it from paradise for today.  I’m going to go sit on the balcony and let the sound of the waves lull me into a little nap prior to dinner.  We’re having food from a local Mediterranean restaurant tonight.  We picked it up earlier, mostly a collection of salads (such as tabbouleh) with some hummus and other good stuff.  That sounds a lot better than what the curlytail lizard dines on.