160: Windsday

(Playing in tungsten.)

We’re have what Winnie the Pooh calls a blustery day, otherwise known as Windsday.  It’s rather invigorating.  A little chilly, but the sun is shining and the breeze smells fresh and clean.

It’s been a busy day but I did get outside for my walk.  I took the high path today, the one that runs through the future-woods.  There I made a most unfortunate discovery.  That’s a little dramatic but you get the idea, and I do think it is a sad discovery, albeit part of the circle of life.

(Wing of a raptor.)

It wasn’t just a wing discovery this time around.  The entire bird was there, in fairly decent condition all things considered.

I’m not sure what kind of bird it was other than a hawk of some sort.  (I do have a photo of the entire bird.  If you want to see it to identify it, let me know.)

I’d better get moving.  Lots to do tonight.  I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully) to tell you why I’ve been so busy.