I wish I was better at commenting

Brady’s Run

During my very brief break I attempted to get caught up with, well, everything.  Everything includes the blogs I follow.  And I noticed something about my comments when I visit you at your place.  Perhaps you noticed it, too.

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WordPress randomness in real life situations

Early morning at the start line for The Color Run. Columbus, Ohio. July 21, 2012.

The Color Run was a blast.  It was so much fun I’d love to do it again someday, hopefully with one of my grandchildren.  Oh heck, I’d like the whole family to come along!  And all of my friends!  If you ever get the opportunity to participate in one, do it.  Don’t think twice about it.  Just do it.  You don’t have to be a runner.  Many of the people participating were not running at all.  Some were walking.  A few were skipping or dancing occasionally (especially at or near the finish line).  More than a few were rolling on the ground, but that was just at the color stations.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t roll the entire 5k.

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A good ride

On the Towpath Trail near Big Bend.

I went for a bicycle ride on the Towpath Trail this morning.  It was a fun ride with some uphill work, some coasting, and some level spots in between.  A little like life, eh?

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One of many paths on the journey

This week’s photo challenge (brought to you by The Daily Post at WordPress) is Journey.  To me, life is a journey.  Every morning when I wake up, a new journey begins.  Every time I step outside the door a new journey awaits because, as Heraclitus (quoted by Plato) once said:

You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.

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Sock skating down the hallway

A dragon's neck.

Because I knew it was supposed to be a gloomy day, I saved some photos from  yesterday to brighten the place up.  That’s not really a dragon’s neck up there.  Just a limb on one of the trees near the pond.  But doesn’t it look like it could be a dragon’s neck?

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341: Wandering

Looking forward

Several posts ago (maybe more than several), Kathy, the fabulous woman who inspired me to take on the challenge of getting outside every single day for a year, asked in the comments if I’d given any thought to what I was going to do when this commitment ended.  I’ve gotten behind in answering comments and didn’t answer her question there, but I have been giving it a lot of thought since she asked.  Those of you who have been blogging for a while understand that giving something in the comments a lot of thought often means a blog post because it’s a) just too long to answer in the comments section, and b) too good to pass up when you get an idea for a blog post.  When you are blogging every single blessed day, an idea for a blog post is a gift from the gods.

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230: Columbines at Longwood Gardens

One of the flowers in bloom during our visit to Longwood Gardens last week was the columbine.  I have never seen columbine before.  They are beautiful flowers that come in all sorts of colors and variations.  Its genus name, Aquilegia, is from the Latin for eagle.  The shape of the flower petals are thought to resemble the talons of an eagle.  Columbine, on the other hand, means dove or pigeon.  There are some who think the petals resemble five doves nestled together.

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