175: Wearin’ O’ the Green

Since we don’t have a lot of green here in the Bogs yet, and since I won’t be posting photos of myself wearing the color, I thought I’d bring you a few more photos from Florida.  In honor of the day and all.  The parrots, as you can see, wear green really well.

After seeing them the first time, I went back every day to see if they were still there.  Much to my delight, they were.  There must be something in the palm trees that the birds were enjoying as they were digging in with gusto, and then chattering about it.

I should have tried to catch them near sunset as I think the lighting would have been better, but we never seemed to be over that way at that time of day.

Outdoor Adventures in the Bogs

It is warm and sunny here today.  I’ve opened up a few windows and doors, and put laundry out on the line to dry.  This is the first time this year I’ve hung it outside.

The joyful little crocuses were smiling up at the sun this morning.  They are probably happy that the sun has been providing with us with lots of light today, and some colorful sunsets once in a while.  I’ve almost missed the sunsets because the time change has had me a bit confused, but I think I’m finally adjusting to it.  It’s wonderful to have it light so late in the day.  I realize that probably isn’t going over well in the morning, when we have to wait a little later for sunrise, but that will work itself out eventually.

(Yesterday’s sunset.)

I think this next sunset is from a day or two after coming home.  It’s been sitting in the camera, waiting, while I uploaded and sorted through some of the Florida shots.

Here is a reflection of the same sunset on the pond:

I love the colors.

I started my spring cleaning today.  I’d like to say I got off to a great start but I had to waste part of my morning dealing with another malware attack.  Arrrgh!  That sort of stuff is so frustrating, especially the amount of time involved in getting things fixed.  This one was odd in that it hit me when I clicked on a link to a blog I’ve been following for a while.  I subscribe through email and I clicked on the email link to visit the blog post and, perhaps, leave a comment.  Now I’m worried that I won’t be able to continue to visit new blog posts this way.

Frustrating.  As is my so-called virus protection.  Symantec, I am disappointed in you.  I update you every day.  I run a quick scan every morning.  Your job is to keep malware out, yet you have failed me twice.  I think it may be time for us to part ways.  I’m moving on to someone new, who will (I hope) do the utmost to protect my computer from such attacks.