Cape Enrage

On the road to Cape Enrage

Cape Enrage is located on the tip of Barn Marsh Island in New Brunswick.  It acquired its name from the violent waters that occur at half tide when the reef that extends south into the bay is partially exposed to the rapidly moving water.  The Acadian sailors called it Cap Enragé.  The British anglicized the name after they kicked out the French.

Keeper’s house. Processed in Pixlr for a vintage look.

The original lighthouse was built in 1847.  Damaged in a storm, a new lighthouse had to be built in 1870.  There have been a variety of keeper’s houses and boathouses, lost and/or damaged by storms and harsh winters.  The latest keeper’s house was built in 1952.  It is now a restaurant, not open at the time we visited.

The station was automated in 1990, and the keeper’s house was slated to be torn down when a physics teacher from a high school in Moncton, along with a small group of his students, began to restore the site.  They eventually renovated all of the buildings and opened it for tourists.  The Cape Enrage Interpretive Centre is a non-profit, student-run organization.  The student, a young woman who lives in Alma, who told us about the history of Cape Enrage was quite knowledgeable on the subject, and we not only learned a great deal about the site, but also about the village of Alma and living in the area.  Her father is a fisherman, and it was from this young woman that we learned it was lobster season and that scallop season would not start for a few more weeks.  She advised us to enjoy lobster while it was in season.

In addition to the Cape Enrage Interpretive Centre, you will also find Cape Enrage Adventures on site.  Climbing, rappelling, kayaking, and a zip-line are some of the available activities during the summer months.

Zip line

I wish I’d worked up the nerve to try the zip-line.  It looks like it would be fun.  We didn’t see anyone on it during either of our visits (we went back the next day to walk the beach during low tide).  Watching someone else do it first would have helped in my quest for the courage to try.

I took quite a few photos around the lighthouse.  I found the lines and curves fascinating, even those of the man-made objects.  Cape Enrage has been named by Frommers as one of The Best Views in Canada.  We found out about it through the Cliffside Suites, the place where we were staying in Alma.

Walking up to the lighthouse.

That’s it for today’s mini travelogue.  We walked around the grounds of the Cape Enrage site a bit, and I’ll have those photos for you tomorrow.

Here in the Bogs today, it is hot (90s) but not nearly as bad as predicted.  It’s been very breezy, and the humidity isn’t as high as it’s been since we returned home.

Hanging out laundry (it’s a good day for it), I realized what a change in weather we’ve experienced.  There are a lot of long-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts coming through the laundry from our travels.

Thank you for dropping by and joining me at Cape Enrage.   I hope all is well in your world.


25 Comments on “Cape Enrage”

  1. What a gorgeous place, Robin. Good to know you made it home safely and had such a delightful trip.

  2. Thanks for the tour, Robin. You really got me excited about doing a road trip with Dapper G- in the fall. Looks beautiful.

  3. Hahaha.. when I saw your title I clicked instantly, worried that something had upset you, lol! How wonderful to see that it was a lovely little corner of the world with a beautiful lighthouse to match!! xo Smidge

  4. This was a beautiful post, Robin! The blues you captured had me mesmerized! And now I have to go because there is a very large spider terrorizing my daughter!

  5. Dana says:

    It’s funny what some lighthouses are named, isn’t it? Marty and I want to visit “Cape Disappointment” in Oregon one of these days. (At least if we go there expecting to be disappointed, we might be pleasantly surprised!) 🙂

    Great shots again. You know me: I love lighthouses so was thrilled to see these photos today. 🙂

    • Robin says:

      Names of places (and lighthouses) are sometimes what draw me there, Dana. It’s funny how they don’t always match their names. For instance, Coolville, Ohio. Maybe there IS something cool about it, but I just haven’t stayed around long enough to find out. lol!

      Thanks. 🙂

  6. Ellen says:

    love lighthouses!

  7. aFrankAngle says:

    Looks like you had a beautiful day for your visit … and thanks for the share the beauty.

  8. Wonderful photos…looks better than our local lighthouse. Good for them, for restoring and preserving all the buildings.

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Marie. 🙂

      Too bad some of our high school students aren’t involved in restoration projects. Might make a difference in some areas and especially with some of the students.

  9. Anna Surface says:

    Nice photography around the lighthouse and what a beautiful lighthouse! The lines and curves are fascinating and gives movement. Neat. And neat adventure. 🙂

  10. Isn’t that a great place for photos? We hope you enjoyed your visit.

    • Robin says:

      It is a wonderful place for photos! I’m so glad to have heard about it from our hosts. I did indeed enjoy my visit and hope to go back again someday. Thank you. 🙂

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  12. Sallyann says:

    The views are beautiful but I really love the last photo with its blue and white contrasts. 🙂

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