167: Bogs boots in the tropics

This morning's sunrise

The sunrise today looked a lot like yesterday’s.  There were lots of clouds and I had to wait for the sunbeams to shoot through the clouds.  It must have rained overnight.  There were puddles on the balcony and the sand was wet.

It got windy again, although not as windy as it was those first few days.  There were some pretty big waves out there this morning.


This is not the curlytail lizard that was sitting with me on the pool deck yesterday, but I think it is a curlytail lizard.  I spotted this guy on our way to lunch.  He was hanging out near one of those expensive-looking, gated, condos-on-the-beach.  I often wonder about those places.  I never see people there.  Maybe no one can afford them.

Curlytail lizard on the beach

This is not the guy from the pool deck either.  But I did catch this one with its tail curled.  It was kind enough to sit there long enough for me to take several shots.  I’m having similar luck with the birds around here too.  The wildlife doesn’t seem to mind people too much.


Yesterday evening we watched some guys skimboarding.  A couple of them were quite good at it.  A couple of them were not but I give them lots of credit for trying no matter how many times they fell down.  It was all very entertaining and looked like fun.

I’m going to wrap this up.  I keep looking out at the ocean, my mind and spirit wanting to be outside rather than in here.  I hear winter will be welcoming us back to the Bogs when we return.  Might as well enjoy the warmth of Florida’s great outdoors while I can.


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