189: No significant accumulation?

(Spring temporarily gives up.)

I have a small, tattered clipping that I sometimes carry with me and pull out for purposes of private amusement.  It’s a weather forecast from the Western Daily Mail and it says, in toto, ‘Outlook:  Dry and warm, but cooler with some rain.’

~ Bill Bryson, Notes From a Small Island

I have to admire the folks who predict the weather.  It’s not a job I would want, especially in these parts.  Weather is just, well, unpredictable.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to work in an occupation where you are frequently wrong and nobody fires you for it.  I’m joking.  A little.  The fact is, I’ve always been fascinated with weather and once thought being a meteorologist was one of the coolest jobs on the planet because you get to work with weather and weather patterns, and all the cool techie stuff such as radar.

Winter hugs spring

After posting yesterday I turned around, looked outside, and found that what I’d posted was inaccurate.  “No significant accumulation” is, I believe, how I quoted the latest weather report.  Ha!  Outside my window was some quite significant accumulation for nearly the end of March.  Makes me wonder what the weather folks consider significant.  Granted, in January this would not have been a big snow event.  Even at the end of March it isn’t a big snow event.  But it’s still accumulation in my book.  If it sticks, it’s accumulation.

Yesterday, while the snow was still falling and accumulating in an insignificant way

I gotta hand it to Winter, though.  It pulled me right back in.  I immediately bundled up, got out the snow boots, and went outside, camera in hand, and started taking pictures like I hadn’t just spent an entire winter photographing snow.  I can’t help it.  (Does that make me addicted to Winter?)  It’s beautiful, especially the way the wet, heavy snow decided to stick to everything including the branches of the trees.  Winter mesmerized me once again with big, fat, feathery snowflakes dancing and whirling and swirling from the sky.  I never even noticed if it was cold or not, I was so caught up in Winter’s Waltz.

Today’s Outdoor Adventures

I took my walk early today, around 7:30am.  It was foggy, misty, and magical.  The snow laid a hush over the land, but the fog distorted and carried sounds.  It was a lovely combination since about the only sound out there was that of the birds singing and chattering.

The Early Bird (a robin)

I wonder how the birds and the almost-blossoming flowers feel about the snow.  While the flowers weren’t talking (I suspect they decided to go back to sleep for a little while), the birds sure seemed to have a lot to say.

I have to confess:  I took a ton of photos.  None of the photos in this post, by the way, were shot in black and white or converted to black and white in post-processing.  I did not attempt to change the blueish-gray tones of some of the photos since that is the reality of the colors this morning.  I did very little in post-processing.  I did some resizing so I’m not putting giant, economy-size, photos on the blog.  The fog and snow created interesting effects on their own and didn’t need the help of an editing program.

Walking towards the timothy grass meadow

The pond was like glass.  It hasn’t been this still in at least a week or so.  In addition to ushering in the chilly temperatures, the old north wind that had been plaguing us kept the water wavy and ripply.

The stillness was, simply, amazing.  The reflections even more so.  It was easy to get lost in them and imagine myself in a watery, upside down, world.

I did take a few shots with the white balance set to tungsten, just for fun.

The vignetting effect along the edges of the photo are due to lens distortion.  I know that is not always considered a good thing, but I sometimes like it (and can always crop it out if I don’t).

Be still and know

The last photo is my favorite of today’s batch.  Yesterday was about the dance, the whirling, the twirling, the swirling.  This morning was about the calm and stillness of the morning after, when the mind and body relax and meet in the quiet and peacefulness of a foggy, snowy morning in spring.

The quieter you become, the more you can hear.

~ Ram Dass

36 Comments on “189: No significant accumulation?”

  1. subha says:

    can’t believe it is snowing again…
    the pix are amazing though. the last is my favorite as well. i haven’t tried playing around with my white balance while shooting – just with post processing…but i’ll have to try that next!

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Subha. 🙂

      I just recently started playing with the white balance. I didn’t even know I had a white balance setting on my camera. lol! Shooting in manual mode has taught me a lot, about my camera and about photography in general.

  2. Wow – just beautiful! I know that everyone is tired of the freezing temperatures, and snow accumulations – but these photos look like they come straight out of a dream! I love the reflections!!

  3. The photos of trees reflected in the pond are amazing! And I really like the image of “winter’s waltz.” Nicely done, Robin!

  4. Karma says:

    As sick of winter and its weather as I am, I have to admit these shots are quite beautiful.
    They are threatening this area with accumulating snow for tomorrow (Friday) – I’m really hoping they are wrong. 😦

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Karma. 🙂

      I hope that nor’easter isn’t causing too many problems for you, and that the snow melts quickly. It’s time for spring!

  5. anhinga says:

    I hope I don’t have to choose. I like all them all. :-_

  6. tjfox says:

    Those are just so amazing. You are lucky to live in a place where you have so much beauty around to to photograph.

  7. Kel says:

    loving that peg shot
    and the reflection images are spectacular, was going to suggest it would make a nice new blog header…then scrolled up to see you were one step ahead – 🙂

  8. Kala says:

    Honestly I am so tired of snow. But these shots make it bearable because how can you hate snow when it is depicted so beautifully. Mr. Robin will survive and so will the flowers!

  9. CMSmith says:

    Beautiful photos.

  10. Love the reflection photos, looks nice on your header. The snow provides more photo opps. !! 😉

  11. Oh Robin, I wish I lived in a snowy place just to take pictures like yours. They’re all so lovely! The snow on the branches, the trees reflected on the pond, the white, still landscape, the ice on the flowers… I can’t pick a favorite. And I love your new header image, too.
    Please do post another ton of pictures like these!

  12. Are they your lovely pussy willow branches under the snow? I hope they survive the sudden snow!

    Like Kel, I love the peg and clothes line shot. The photo along the edge of the pond, just below little Mr. Robin is one of my favourites, although this batch of snow has made the scenery look somehow different to photos you took earlier in the snow season…something I can’t quite work out, but definitely different, and oh so pretty! 🙂

    • Robin says:

      Good eye, Joanne. The snow IS different. We had mostly a light, dry snow throughout the winter. This snow is wetter, heavier, and clings to everything.

      Yes, those are the pussy willow branches being hugged by the snow. I think they will be okay. They are usually pretty hardy. 🙂

  13. patbean says:

    Oh Robin, thank you, for such beautiful photos to start my day. Your bog is magnificent. I’m so glad you share it. Here in Camden, Arkansas the wisteria and dogwood are in bloom. Today I’ll photograph that for tomorrow’s blog.

    • Robin says:

      You’re welcome, Pat. I’m glad you enjoyed them.

      It will be while before our wisteria and dogwood bloom. I look forward to seeing your photos. 🙂

  14. penpusherpen says:

    Winter is beautiful and mesmerising, but you can have enough of a …um..good thing? Wonderful and absorbing photo’s Robin, and your covering words were marvellous and graphic, but you would have thought by now that Winter would realise it’s outstayed it’s welcome. A bit like that last guest who thinks he’s entertaining you, but all you want is to finish the evening and get to bed!! Sigh!!
    Maybe this is Winters last ditch attempt before ‘he’ gives in to Spring. Keep warm, my friend.xPenx

    • Robin says:

      I need to tell Winter that moderation is good in all things, Pen. Perhaps he will realize it’s time to move over and let Spring have a chance.

      I thought of that, too. Winter’s last dance?

  15. mimokhair says:

    I love your snow pictures! I love this blog!

  16. Katharine says:

    Evocative photos! Snow has arrived here in rural NYS today.

  17. Barbara Rodgers says:

    Your snowfall was so dreamy and magical – I especially love the enchanting fourth and sixth pictures – and the reflection pictures are stunning!

  18. Robin says:

    Thank you, Barbara. With the snow and the fog, it was a dreamy kind of atmosphere that morning. 🙂

  19. The snow does make the landcape look beautiful, though 🙂
    LOVE the clothespin shot. The last two make it look bitter cold, Brrrr!! Love the stillness of the water and how perfect the reflections are

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Michaela. 🙂

      Look at you, getting all caught up with me. I do appreciate it, but don’t feel like you have to keep up. I know how hard it is to keep up with daily posts (especially if they are as long as mine tend to be!).

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