Adventuring again

Going with the flow

I’m off on a mini-adventure for a day or two.  I’ll be back on Monday or Tuesday, live and in person.  In the meantime, I scheduled a post or two.

Spot the Kingfisher

I have some pretty cool stuff I hope to show you soon.  The Universe must be making up for the broken computer by nudging me to get outside at just the right time of day.  My camera, having heard the rumor that I’d like a DSLR, has produced some photos recently that are making me rethink the idea of getting a new camera.  For now.

Standing tall.

It is day 70 of my yoga and food commitments.  Not as I type this (it’s day 69 as I type this), but as you’re reading it.  The yoga has made it possible for me to get in some interesting positions to take photographs lately.  Sometimes I even do back bends to get the perspective I want.  (See the tree above.)

Frost in the meadow

I reckon that’s it from the Bogs for today.  Thanks for visiting.  I’ll either be back tomorrow or another short post will go out as scheduled.

Morning stretch

12 Comments on “Adventuring again”

  1. standing tall image, do you see the woman’s face? she is upside down on the left hand side. awesome.

  2. I think I just threw out a disc in my back just looking at the tree photo…. 🙂

  3. Bo Mackison says:

    Love this. I can see your yoga in your photos!

  4. Love the yoga stick. Actually love all of them

  5. aFrankAngle says:

    Enjoy your time away and thanks for scheduling some posts in your absence.

  6. Just beautiful…
    Have a wonderful adventure!

  7. ladyfi says:

    Great shots! Enjoy your time away.

  8. Where’s the picture of you, taking a picture of the tree? 😉
    Can’t wait to read about your adventure, hope it was fun!

  9. Skip220 says:

    Great picture of the standing tall tree. You must be getting more and more flexible as the days pass.

  10. Robin says:

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you too! Sorry about the “one size fits all” thank you’s for your comments. I’ve gotten so far behind that I’m sure I’ll meet myself along the way as I hurry to catch up. 🙂

  11. eof737 says:

    Love those shots… 🙂

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