Spring decorations

The light near sunset yesterday was simply amazing.  That’s why I gave in and posted the tulips on one of my days off from blogging.  It really was too pretty not to share right away.  I also took some photos of the trees at the back of the pond.  The light created rainbow hues in spots.

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Spring Cleaning

Behind the waterfall. Cleveland Botanical Garden.

You may or may not have noticed that I took the weekend off.  (I’m not counting the scheduled post because it was scheduled.)  I’m going to be doing that from now on unless something so exciting happens that I absolutely must blog about it right away.  Most of today’s photos are from Orchid Mania.  I’m still sorting through them all.

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I took a walk around the pond this morning.  The weather was beautiful at the time.  The early clouds had been blown away by the gentle breeze and the sunlight made it feel relatively warm for a 40 degree morning.  Clouds have since regathered and rain is expected this evening.  Rain is good.  The earth in this area needs it.

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The March Lion

Yesterday's sunset brought to you by the March Lion in collaboration with Mother Nature.

The March Lion has returned.  The wind howled, moaned, groaned, roared, and growled throughout the night and day.  Rain slashed and almost slammed against the house this morning.  The temperature has been dropping.  The cold is returning for another brief visit.

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Conk-la-ree! is, according to All About Birds, the classic sound of the male Red-winged Blackbird.  As I mentioned recently, the presence of this bird is one of our signs of spring.  Just step outside and you’ll hear his call.  Conk-la-ree!

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More from Reeds Gap State Park

Honey Creek. Reeds Gap State Park, Pennsylvania.

Today has been filled with sunshine.  A perfect day for working around the house and outdoors, getting a head start on the spring cleaning.  It’s too chilly to open the windows and air out the house, but just letting the sunlight in seems to have cleansed the place.  It also showed me what needs to be cleaned.  There’s nothing like the light of day to show off all the dust.

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Adventuring again

Going with the flow

I’m off on a mini-adventure for a day or two.  I’ll be back on Monday or Tuesday, live and in person.  In the meantime, I scheduled a post or two.

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