Too good to be inside

It is much too beautiful to be indoors today.  Sunny, clear, and near 60 degrees.  Around the time this scheduled post appears, I’ll be out hiking with a friend.  It’ll be good to get outdoors.  I had to spend most of the morning indoors at the dentist and dealing with other health-related appointments.

If you hurry, you can join us in a hike around a gorge.  We’re going to stay on high ground since things are so swampy around here.  The creeks and rivers should be back to normal levels, but the ground is soggy.

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll be back tomorrow with more photos from Sunday’s hike or some new photos from today’s hike.  Either way, we’ll get to enjoy the great outdoors again.  🙂

Another hike at Quail Hollow

Monday morning visitor

The male cardinal paid us a visit this morning.  He’s being quite cooperative this year, allowing me just enough time to catch him with the camera.  I almost (just missed!) caught him and the Mrs. sitting together like the lovely couple they are.  They were at and near the feeder just as the sun hit the wildflower meadow so that the background of my photos is lit up with a lovely shade of golden-yellow.

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The rowboat in a snow squall waiting for warmer weather.  Or…

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A raptor visitation

Yesterday seemed to be my day to visit with hawks.  While out running errands a red-tailed hawk flew close to me, showing off his gorgeous colors and beautiful feathers.  I did not have the camera with me at the time.  To be honest, even if I had I probably wouldn’t have thought to photograph the hawk because I was stunned by his closeness and beauty.

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Temperature inversion

Warm and cold were battling it out here in the Bogs this morning.  We had what is called a temperature inversion where the air up above is warm, causing rain, but down below it’s freezing, causing the rain to turn to ice when it hits the trees and the ground and everything else in the cold zone.

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To be simple means to make a choice about what’s important, and let go of all the rest.  When we are able to do this, our vision expands, our heads clear, and we can better see the details of our lives in all their incredible wonder and beauty.

~ John Daido Loori

Weekly Photo Challenge.

Giants and other woodland sculptures

‘Whoever shall this trumpet blow,
Shall soon the giant overthrow,
And break the black enchantment straight;
So all shall be in happy state.’

~ From Jack the Giant Killer, the English fairy tale version

The photos in this post are from my Quail Hollow hike a few weeks ago.  I realized this morning that I had not finished sorting through the images I brought home with me via the camera.  When I saw these two trees lying on the forest floor on the carpet of green, I immediately thought of a felled giant.

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