The just-in-case post

I should be home, but you never know how these things will go.   I am a strong believer in having a back-up plan.  A just-in-case.  Not that life always gives us time for such arrangements.  There are times when we have to fly by the seat of our pants.  And times when we prefer it that way.

For this post, we won’t need a just-in-case because it is a just-in-case.  We will have to time-travel a little.  Not too far back.  Just to Saturday morning when Mother Nature covered the landscape here in the Bogs with hoar frost.

The magic that happens when sunlight and frost get together in the early morning is one of many reasons I like the cold months of the year.

I do understand not liking the cold.  I realize that there are some bodies that can’t handle chilly temperatures.  Sometimes we’re born that way.  Sometimes age, a medical condition, or a medication can make us more susceptible to the cold.

I feel incredibly lucky that the cold doesn’t bother me in any extreme ways.  I find it difficult at first, especially after going through a period of mild temperatures and sunny day, but eventually I acclimate.  Oddly enough, that doesn’t happen to me during the summer months.  I rarely adjust well to extremes in heat and humidity.  They don’t even have to be extremes.  Pretty much anything over 72 degrees (F) is hot to me.

Photography helps me deal with weather highs and lows, too.    Once I start looking at my surroundings through the viewfinder, I hardly feel the cold of winter or the heat of summer.  Hours go by in a contradictory way.  It feels slow to me when I’m out there, almost stopped.  However, I come back in to find it flew by and half the morning (or afternoon) is gone.

The flowers of winter, it seems to be me, are almost as beautiful as the flowers of spring.  Granted, they are not as colorful.  At least not in the usual ways.  If you look closely, though, you’ll find colors.  If not in the frost and flowers, then in the background twinkling of lights that occurs on frosty mornings.

Hoar frost occurs on those clear, cold nights when the heat escapes from the earth to play in the sky for a while, and objects on the ground become colder than the surrounding air.  Sometimes the ice crystals that form are long and feathery.

The best places to find the thicker patches of frost here at Breezy Acres are in the meadows to the south and west of the pond, especially those closest to the pond.

There will be more photos from this series in my posts this week.  I came back from my Saturday morning stroll with a lot of images.  Something happened with the light while I was out there.  I think you’ll like it.

You’ll have to stay tuned to see what occurred. I want to bring you the photos almost in the order in which they were taken so you can experience the morning almost the same way I did.  The camera, any camera, has its limitations and can’t quite capture it the way I saw it.  At least you won’t have to brave the cold, though.  🙂

17 Comments on “The just-in-case post”

  1. So beautiful and wintry!
    My favorite is the second one from the bottom.

  2. Love the way the frost on the foliage looks almost like fuzz. Hope you had a great weekend, Robin!

  3. Alexandra says:

    Those are really nice, magical lines of the winter.

  4. Skip220 says:

    Beautiful frost pictures. We haven’t had a frost quite like that…not yet anyway. That big puddle of water just to the north of us moderates our temps at this time of year. I also like and tend to agree with your quote of the day.

  5. While I like all the photos, I love, love, love that orange leaf amidst the grass. We rarely get frost here–if we do, it’s melted before I arise at 6.

  6. Kala says:

    These images of frost covered nature are gorgeous. They inspire me to take more wintry images.

  7. TBM says:

    I love the cold. Thanks for the photos!

  8. How lovely…ALL of them.

  9. aFrankAngle says:

    An excellent way of capturing the warmth of cold. Thanks for what you see that many don’t take the time to notice.

  10. Marcie says:

    What exquisitely beautiful captures of the frost. And – like you – when I’m out with my camera..I feel none of the cold.

  11. Coming East says:

    There’s magic, isn’t there, in things like frost! Great pictures, as always.

  12. dragonfae says:

    Beautiful! Robin, I too adjust to cold much easier than heat … I can’t stand to be hot! I’d rather wander around with temps in the 20’s than those above 70.

  13. Robin says:

    Thank you so much everyone. 🙂

  14. Cmsmith says:

    You’re getting beautiful pictures of the frost. I really should get my camera out more.

  15. eof737 says:

    Keep on truckin’ and stay warm. 😉

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