(Geese & ducks hanging out near the pond. Photo by Robin. April 2007)

It’s another gorgeous day here in the Bogs. Warm, sunny, and breezy. The clouds are starting to move in this afternoon, ahead of the storms and cold front that will bring us snow and cold temperatures tomorrow.

Last night’s moon rise was beautiful, big and yellow.  The sky was clear, the stars were shining, and after the moon came up it was incredibly brilliant outside.

The Spring Fling continues. I’ve been scrubbing, dusting, shining, polishing, washing, and cleansing for most of the day. This house is going to sparkle by the time we leave to go back to Sabbaticalville. Watch for the glow.

The geese have been driving me crazy today. We do not encourage geese to visit our pond. Geese are messy creatures, leaving lots of poop behind. That poop is filled with nutrients that cause algae and plants to grow, clogging up the pond and generally making it look icky. The geese must go.

I’ve run out there several times today — no doubt looking like a fool — shouting, waving, clapping, and trying to scare the geese away. They leave and then come back. I’m beginning to think they’re taunting me.

Stupid wawas.

Wawa, by the way, is an American Indian word for Canada Goose. Hence the flying goose on the Wawa store signs.

Fly away, fly away, fly away geese!

It might be time for M the Elder to get out the tractor and start scaring them off with that noisy thing. It’s a much easier way to harass the geese (but doesn’t burn as many calories as running after them, shouting and waving).

Today’s weather shot:

(Photo by Robin. April 2007)