Winter’s grip

Everyone is still asleep and the house is quiet except for the sound of the heat whooshing through the ducts. It’s bitterly cold outside. We had more snow overnight, replacing the snow that melted away yesterday. I feel so sorry for the poor spring flowers who were looking so bright and colorful just a few days ago. I’m glad I found the time to take a couple of walks around the property and pick a few, bringing them indoors to brighten up the house. The flowers left outdoors have gone from drooping in the cold to shriveled in the snow.

We’re going to visit our exquisite granddaughter and her lovely parents today. I’m very excited about it. We haven’t seen them since Christmas and I’m sure Emma has done a lot of growing in the past few months. I think this grandmothering business would be so much better if I could see her more often, but I’ll take what I can get. Besides, I’m sure my son and daughter-in-law wouldn’t want me around all the time.

I cooked a ham and made potato salad yesterday. We’ll take those along with us on our visit. We also made up a little Easter basket for Emma. She’ll be raking it in over the next week or so since her birthday is coming up soon. I can’t believe Emma will be 2 years old already!

I’d better get moving. I haven’t even packed my overnight bag yet.

Happy Easter to those of you out there celebrating the holiday!

Today’s weather shot (taken from indoors because it’s too cold for me to go out there in my barefeet and jammies):

To my friend from Canada laughing at our snow: Fair enough. I would imagine you get more than us most of the time so enjoy it while you can. 🙂