Phase One

Phase One of the Great Spring Cleaning Fling of ’07 is almost finished. The kitchen, which I think was the worst of it, is just about gleaming and shining. I have a few more minor things to do and I can move on to Phase Two: The Dining Room. Phase Two should be short and sweet as the dining room is in pretty good shape. A little dusting, a little polishing, a little decluttering, a damp mopping, and voila! Phase Two will be finished.

It’s still snowing here in the Bogs. I’m going to skip today’s weather shot because it looks pretty much like the past two or three weather shots: a light dusting of snow, snowflakes continuing to fall from the sky, gray skies, and bare trees. I hope this cold snap hasn’t killed the buds on the trees. This weather must be confusing to all the plant life. It’s probably confusing to the wildlife, too.

We have two new visitors to the pond today. A kingfisher and a sea gull are out there fishing. It’s not unusual to see gulls in this area, but it’s the first time I’ve seen one hanging out by the pond.

To the left of the gull is one of the black ducks that have settled here for a while. I’m pretty sure they must have laid their eggs somewhere near the pond which is what keeps them here in spite of the harassing of the geese. The photo isn’t very good. It’s not easy to get a decent shot of fast flying bird, especially through the living room window.