It keeps going and going…

The snow continues.

We’re home from our trip to visit Emma and her parents. The visit was, as usual, much too short although I think if I had more and easier access to Emma she’d be spoiled silly (and/or rotten) by me and M. I swear we both melt when we spend time with her. We certainly smile a lot.

Emma is a bundle of joy and energy wrapped up in a very cute package. I love to just sit and watch her play, listen to her talk (even if I can’t understand half of what she says), and admire her smiles. Grandchildren, I believe, bring back youthful feelings, especially that sense of seeing through a child’s eyes. There’s a freedom that comes with grandparenthood that you don’t have with parenthood. But I’ve rambled on about this before. Let’s just leave it at this: I love being a grandmother. 🙂

Now that Emma is losing that baby look and coming into a look of her own, I’m reluctant to publicly post photos so you’ll have to settle for the blurry versions (or other versions I can come up with once I’m back in Sabbaticalville and have access to my computer where I have the program I need to play around with the photos). The internet is not always a good place.

We hit quite a few snow squalls on our way to visit with Emma & Co. It was the same on the way home. It’s still snowing right now. The pond is starting to freeze at the edges.

What happened to spring?

Today’s weather photo:

There’s one consolation. The snow isn’t sticking. We’d have quite an accumulation if it that were the case.