Back to our regular programming

(Night on the pond.  Photo by Robin.  April 2007)

Yesterday evening, just after sunset, the sky was gorgeous.  There was a line of clouds sitting on the horizon reflecting the colors of the sunset.  The rest of the sky was amazingly clear.  I tried to capture it in a photo, but it didn’t come out quite as beautiful as it appeared to the naked eye.

The clouds moved in while we were asleep.  It’s once more gray and gloomy, with rain in the forecast for the day.  The weekend, however, is supposed to be nice.

M has decided not to mow down the wildflower field this year.  Normally we leave it until spring so the birds can feed off all the seeds throughout the winter months.  He wants to see what will happen if it isn’t mowed at all.

I’ll be finishing up my spring cleaning today and tomorrow.  The house looks good.  I suppose it’s too much to hope for that M the Younger will keep it this way.