Last night

Last night was amazing.  Simply amazing.

For me it was one of the most exciting nights in the history of my participation in the U.S. political system.  My vote counted.  It actually counted.

I think it’s the first time, ever, that I felt as though my voice has been heard.  There’s some irony there when you consider that I’ve been muffling and muzzling my voice throughout this election.  Oh, I know, it started creeping out towards the end.  But for a long time I was afraid to hope.  People I vote for don’t win.

So, this is a first for me.  And it’s way, way cool.


Congratulations to President-elect Barack Obama.  Congratulations to everyone out there who worked so hard to get him elected.  And a big congratulations to Ohio.  I never thought I’d see Ohio go blue, not in my lifetime.

Now, I have one more wish:  Don’t let the Democrats screw it up.  Just.  Don’t.

I just now got to watch President-elect Obama’s victory speech.  The first few minutes are, for me, what it’s all about.

5 Comments on “Last night”

  1. krebiz says:

    Actually, while I didn’t share the infatuation that many have with Obama, I did relate, because during the mayoral race, as I got to know the civil service history and platforms of the candidates, and chose who I liked the best, when his campaign started to emerge as the *one* to watch, I felt really hopeful. I felt lighter.
    And, I really enjoyed following the entire campaign, because I got to know state congressmen and such better, and there was one really, really pleasant surprise in there, and i discovered i was quite happy to know that that particular guy was “on my team” at the state level.

  2. amuirin says:

    I was so proud to see Ohio called for Obama.

    Again, and again, what you are expressing here, I keep reading it. People who have never felt like they had a candidate are experiencing victory and they can’t hardly believe it.

    So glad you posted the speech, I missed a good portion of it.

  3. ybonesy says:

    I thought of you last night when they called Ohio. You guys did it…we all did. I don’t know why I ever doubted us and Obama.

    And yes, let’s not blow it, please!! I don’t think we will.

  4. heidilou says:

    Yeah, that whole speech sent goosebumps up my spine.

    All those faces in his audience choked me up. Jesse Jackson in tears, Oprah in tears, random people of all colors and genders in tears. As one of the CNN political analysts said last night (almost in tears himself), “THIS audience is the “real America,” not just the small-town working-class white people that Sarah Palin was calling the “real Americans.”

    Hey, even if Obama does screw it up, it can’t get much worse than it is now. Even if he is “just” a great orator, at least is IS a great orator! At least he can make a speech without sounding like a total moron, like the man who’s held the job for the past 8 years. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with being eloquent, or at least articulate. I happen to think it’s important for our President to sound intelligent and know how to speak to dignitaries from other countries without embarrassing us. I think it should be a prerequisite for the job. I don’t want somebody “like me” to be president. I want somebody a whole lot SMARTER than me to be president! I don’t want to have a beer with our President. I want our President to be too busy running our country to have a beer with me.

    We’ll see. At least we can have hope, for now. I don’t think he’ll screw it up, but at least we have hope.

    Have you seen this yet?

  5. Robin says:

    Heidilou: Thanks for that link. I hadn’t seen it. Gotta love The Onion. lol!!

    I also agree with you about wanting someone smarter than me to be president. It makes no sense to me to have Joe Six-Pack running the country. Good grief. Joe Six-Pack often can’t run his own life all that well these days!

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