Alrighty then…

It’s time for another NaBloPoMo.  I signed up last week, but don’t see my blog on the blogroll yet.  I did get an email the other day mentioning that the list is still being updated so maybe I’ll show up by the end of the weekend.

(Part of last night’s dinner.)

M the Younger and his LovelyFiancee are here for the weekend.  We picked them up at the airport on Thursday night (closer to Friday as it was almost midnight).  We had LF’s parents over for dinner last night.  It was fun.  The menu was a little bit of a mix.  A fusion menu.  We had raw veggies, hummus, and pita bread for starters.  The main course was a Chicago-style deep dish pizza that M and I created (in addition to being scrumptiously delicious, it was a work of art the way the layers all set up when it cooked).  For dessert we had an applesauce cake (very much like an apple spice cake) with cream cheese frosting.

MTY and LF are off to Columbus today with her parents.  MTY will be back tonight, while LF stays with her parents.  I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow other than someone is taking them to the airport as they leave tomorrow afternoon.

The main reason for the visit was to take care of some wedding business.  LF was still looking for a dress.  It looks like she found one this morning.

(Izzy, having fun.)

The cats were happy to see MTY.  Well, Bella was a little bit put out at first.  Probably angry with him for leaving her.  But she got over it.

(Bella, playing.)

We had beautiful weather yesterday.  Sunny and fairly warm (almost 70 degrees).  It’s cloudy and a little cooler today, but still pretty warm for this time of year.

(Today’s view of the pond.)

M the Elder is out mowing the grass.  This should be the last mow of the season.  It’s a good way to break up the leaves, too, so they’ll break down a little faster and feed the grass.

As for me, I’m just hanging out, taking it easy.  I spent the past week cleaning house.  Yesterday I was busy and spent most of the day in the kitchen getting dinner prepared.  I think I’m entitled to a day of rest.