Playing tag

About a week ago, TPGoddess over at Trees and flowers and birds! tagged me.  It’s a fairly simple tag and she didn’t post any rules so I’m guessing I don’t have to post any rules either.

All I have to do is come up with 7 things you may not know about me.  I’ve done this several times on both blogs so forgive me if there are repeats in here.  I was too lazy to go back to look for the posts.

Here goes, then.  7 things you may not know about me:

  1. I love watching people dance.  That’s why I was easily sucked into shows such as Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance.   In case anyone wants my opinion on the matter, I think So You Think You Can Dance is the superior show.  The dancers are all real dancers once you get past the auditions.  That said, I admire some of the so-called stars and their ability to learn how to do the ballroom and Latin dances.  It still amazes me how those big football players — Emmitt Smith was a favorite of mine — turn out to be such wonderful dancers.
  2. I also love to dance but I’m not particularly good at it so I save my dancing for around the house and property.  (For some reason it doesn’t bother me in the least if the neighbors think I’m nuts.)
  3. My new favorite tea is Citron Green from Adagio Teas.  If you’re reading, thanks Lannie!
  4. Places I’d like to travel to include Colorado (and most of the states west of the Mississippi), Alaska (even Sarah Palin couldn’t ruin that for me), Australia, Greece, Iceland, Norway, and Germany (if one of our old and bestest of friends who is from Germany will act as tour guide for us).  That’s not an all-inclusive list.  Truthfully, I’d like to be able to explore the whole world.  (A sort of side note:  Last night M found that we still have some Canadian money and travelers checks in Canadian dollars from our visit to Canada a few years back.  Looks like we need to take a trip north sometime.)
  5. My favorite holiday is the 4th of July.
  6. I’m kind of afraid of dogs.  I don’t know why.  It’s just one of those things.  I also have a driving phobia but I think I’ve mentioned that in one of those previous 7 random things memes.
  7. I used to watch soap operas in the afternoon (or at least sort of listen to them as I went about my day).  Now I blog instead.

I don’t think there’s anyone left for me to tag at this point.  Oh, I know!  Norm!  You’re tagged.  And I see Kel hasn’t done it yet (lately, at any rate) either.  So you’re tagged too.

Here is your daily view of the pond:

I took it this morning before the clouds rolled in.  It’s raining now.  The warm weather will be leaving the Bogs today.  Colder, more seasonable (and seasonably cloudy) weather will be replacing the clear skies and 70-degree days.

Ah well.  It had to happen eventually.