Photo Challenge

Kel at the X facta issued a photo challengeTake a photograph using the word “wash” as a prompt.

I wanted to take something new, but it’s been a rather hectic week.  It’s also been a rainy week, not conducive to hanging the laundry out to dry.  There are, of course, other things that can be washed, but I’m partial to laundry when taking photographs of things that involve “wash.”

I do have quite a collection of laundry photos.  All I had to do was pick one.  Here it is:

The laundry room in the apartment building we lived in while M was on sabbatical.

Another view.

What I really wanted to post were some photos I took while going through a car wash.  Either they were really bad and I deleted them, or I’m more disorganized than I thought.  Whatever the case, I was unable to find them.