Gray Sunday

(Today’s view of the pond.)

I missed my blog’s birthday back in September (the 8th).  I don’t know what made me think of it today.  Life in the Bogs is 2 years (and 2 months) old.

Happy birthday, blog!

Since I have the figures handy, here’s my Move 2008 update for the week:

  • This week’s mileage:  23+ miles
  • Total for the year:  934.636 miles

Gettin’ there.

M and I went to the outlet mall today.  I needed a few new articles of clothing to see me through the winter months.  Something other than the usual hoodies and long sleeve t-shirts.  I made out pretty well, all in all, with the various discounts and buying things that were on clearance.  Now all I need is a place to wear some of this stuff.  Nothing fancy, mind you, but someplace other than around the house.

We had a good time last night.  If you’re reading, thanks guys.  See you on Thanksgiving.

That’s about it from the Bogs for today.  I’m sure you don’t want to hear all about how M and I worked outside this morning, putting netting around the rhododendrons so the deer don’t eat them and then rolling up the netting we didn’t use.

It was chilly out there.  Feels almost like winter.  Brrrrr!