(Today’s view of the pond.)

Well, it could have been worse.  As you can see, the snow is just barely covering the ground.  The pond is starting to freeze again, just in time for another thaw.  It’s supposed to be 40 and sunny tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to seeing the sun again.  I need a break from gray and gloomy.

Today I have been cleaning house, not as well as I’d like but as best I can.  My left hip and back are bothering me a little so it’s slow going.  Slow going is better than no going.  I figure as long as I keep moving, things are good.  Or as good as they can be.

We’re having some friends over for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  It should be fun.  Our menu is all vegetarian.  I know at least one person will be disappointed in the lack of turkey.  (You can stop by on Friday, CB, and pick up some turkey then.)

Here’s the menu so far:

  • Walnut paté
  • A variety of cheeses and crackers
  • Spicy Thai-style pumpkin soup
  • Quorn Turk’y Roast
  • Mushroom gravy
  • Savory Spinach and Artichoke Stuffing
  • Homemade cranberry sauce
  • Mashed potatoes with green onions
  • Some sort of squash dish (MC is bringing)
  • Some sort of pie for dessert (CB is bringing)

I haven’t decided how I’ll spice up the Turk’y Roast just yet.  I’d better make a decision about that soon.

I’ll be making the soup and cranberry sauce this afternoon.  That will save me some work tomorrow and give the cranberries a chance to gel up.

For those of you out there celebrating it, have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.  I’ll be by with a placeholder kind of post as I doubt I’ll have time for much else.