(Thai-style pumpkin soup.)

(The blurry looking line you see in the middle of the soup photo is the steam rising.)

Yesterday’s vegetarian Thanksgiving meal came out well.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but I was so full by the end of the meal that I’m surprised I didn’t burst. I was also exhausted at the end of it all.  It turned out to be much more work than a regular Thanksgiving meal.

I remembered to get a photo of the soup befoe we started eating.  The rest had to wait until we finished.  Here are some of the remains of our feast.

(Quorn Turk’y roasts.)

(Savory artichoke and spinach stuffing.)

I probably won’t be making that stuffing again.  It was rich and delicious, but far too labor intensive for me.


We sent some of the leftovers home with our friends and kept a little for ourselves.  Today I’ll be cooking a real turkey because M would like to have a real turkey with the traditional stuffing, gravy, and mashed potatoes.

I’ll probably be at least 10 lbs. heavier by tomorrow.

My thanks to those of you who made our Thanksgiving meal so much fun.  (I know you’re reading.)  We should do it again next year.