Random bits

(Today’s view of the pond.)

It’s a quiet morning here in the Bogs.  The rain from the cold front moved through yesterday and last night.  As you can see from the above photo, it has cleared up nicely.  It’s chilly and blustery, more like November weather than the 70’s we experienced this past week.

I stopped by The Writer’s Almanac a few minutes ago to see what Garrison Keillor was presenting today.  It’s a poem by Larry Smith from A River Remains: Poems.  At the beginning of the poem Kent is mentioned and my first thought was, “He can’t possibly mean Kent, Ohio.”  Then I got near the end and Twin Lakes are mentioned.  As it turns out, the poet is from this area and he did, in fact, mean Kent, Ohio.

It’s an interesting poem.  If you have time, click on over (just follow The Writer’s Almanac link above) and have a read.

We took Izzy and Bella to the vet yesterday for their annual shots and check-up.  Bella is now up to 10.3 lbs.  Izzy weighed in at 9 lbs.  The vet said they’re hale, hearty and healthy (not in those exact words, mind you, but something to that effect).  I also had their claws trimmed while we were there and this has confused the kitties.  They are both finding it difficult to climb up on their condo (a tall structure covered with carpet) without the massive claws they had prior to trimming.  They can sneak up on us now, too.  No more clicking as they walk across the hardwood floors.

M and I are heading out to one of the local orchards in a little while to get some apples and cider.  We’ll probably stop by Hilgert’s farm for some butternut squash and whatever else they have.  Tonight we’re getting together with friends to celebrate the election results.

And that’s about it from the Bogs for today.