Going west

M and I are on our way home.  After a somewhat tiring week, we decided to split up the trip and enjoy a little downtime.

As much as we’d both like to be home, it’s nice to be able to take our time, look at the scenery, and rest up a bit before the longer leg of the journey we’ll be taking tomorrow.

The trees in the mountains of Pennsylvania are showing more color today than they were when we came through this way last week.  Even in the rain, the colors were brilliant.  At sunset the clouds began to clear.  The sun hitting the wet trees really brought out the autumn hues.

Sunset clouds

We’re thinking about going for a bike ride tomorrow morning.  A little exercise before we hit the road will be wonderful.  We have managed to get in about 35 miles of bike riding on this trip.

Tomorrow will be day 30 (I think) of my yoga and food commitments.  I have stayed on track throughout the trip.  The yoga was easy, and helped immensely with the usual travel stress, aches and pains.  Going meatless (except for seafood/fish) was a little more challenging in that there were many temptations.  I have to admit to being happy I resisted the lure of the hoagie, the chicken corn soup, and the BBQ’d pork.  The sense of accomplishment is terrific, and I don’t feel as though I packed on some extra pounds (which is the way I usually feel after a trip east to visit with family and friends).

Sunset view from our hotel room

Looks like I only missed one day of PostADay2011.  Ah well.  I got in my year and then some with my outdoor challenge/commitment.  Good enough.  NaBloPoMo is coming up soon.  I’ve been participating in that for a few years, and will likely do so this year too.  Having this little break before it begins can’t hurt.

Somewhere on the Pennsylvania Turnpike

That’s about it from me for now.  I’ll be back soon, posting from the Bogs once again.  It will be interesting to see what changes, if any, have occurred since we left home over a week ago.

Thank you for joining me on my travels.  I hope to get caught up with you all soon.  🙂

12 Comments on “Going west”

  1. Dana says:

    Way to go, Robin! I admire you for sticking to your commitments, whether it’s yoga, diet, or posting *every single day*. Make sure to give yourself some down time, though– we all deserve kindness from ourselves! 🙂

  2. Christine Grote says:

    Good job on the eating and the yoga. I need to follow you example.

  3. I am impressed that you were able to stick to your dieting commitments. It’s tough, and I really have to discipline myself while on vacation and supplement the eating with extra exercise! Looking forward to a walk in the bogs.

  4. afrankangle says:

    Sticking to a diet on a trip is tougher than one’s normal routine, so well done. Have a safe journey home and thanks for the wonderful sunsets and clouds. Simply awesome.

  5. Marianne says:

    Robin, the little goat is so cute and I like how you wrote about going home under it as well. The scenery and the sunset are absolutely beautiful! It’s nice to hear how the yoga and food commitment is making a difference for you. Great work, Robin! You’re an inspiration to me.

  6. OMG–the colors in those trees are AMAZING! I’m headed to Pennsylvania tomorrow and can’t wait to see what you are! Gorgeous!

  7. dragonfae says:

    I too need to follow your example and knuckle down where diet and exercise are concerned. You’re an inspiration!

    Safe travel wishes to you for tomorrow and I’m sure the critters will be happy to see you when you get home. *hugs*

  8. Safe travels – you’re not the only one who can’t wait to see the changes that have happened in your absence…

    (I’m not sure I could have resisted the chicken-corn chowder…that sounds really good!)

  9. penpusherpen says:

    Glorious Sunset photo’s Robin, and I just want to open that maroon front door.., Nosy person that I am… happy and safe travelling to you and ‘M’ xPenx

  10. Love the goat and the fall colors are dazzling! Our colors are very blah this year, thanks to Hurricane Irene, I think. Bravo for keeping to your food and yoga plans. Have a safe and pleasant trip!

  11. eof737 says:

    Those sunsets are magnificent… and the PA turnpike looked like a gorgeous painting. 🙂 I love PA.

  12. Robin says:

    Thanks for all of your lovely comments. I’m working hard to get caught up. If I haven’t been by to see you yet, I should be there soon. 🙂

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