Faces in Nature

Can you see the faces in the rocks?

Have you found a face in nature for Bearyweather’s Find a Face in Nature challenge yet?  I keep finding faces in the images of the rocks from Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick.  Since Bearyweather didn’t specify it had to be a human face, I decided to use this image for the challenge.

What do you see?  (I’ll let you know what I see after the break.)

Yesterday’s view of the creek in the woods

I see a bird with its beak open on the left.  And a dinosaur with a horn on the right.

I dared to venture into the woods yesterday.  It’s been so dry that the mosquitoes are not a problem.  The deer flies, however, are as obnoxious as ever.   Fortunately, they seem to shun the shade so they weren’t a problem in the woods as long as I avoided sunny spots.

The earth is parched.

We need rain.  Badly.  The earth in the woods is dry and cracked, a condition I don’t recall seeing back there since it’s usually boggy.  We’ve been watering what’s left of the vegetables in our garden.  Apparently the critters don’t care for tomatoes, Swiss chard, or hot peppers of any kind (we planted several varieties).  They’ve eaten all of the sweet/bell pepper plants, along with the broccoli and lettuces.

Parched earth, an abstract.

That’s it from the Bogs for today.  Thanks for stopping by.  Try to stay cool.  There’s a heat advisory in effect for parts of this area.  Tomorrow might be a little better (in the 80s rather than 90s).

The woods are not a bad place to hang out.  It’s relatively cool back there.  But be sure to put on plenty of insect repellent.  You have to walk through deer fly territory to get there.


22 Comments on “Faces in Nature”

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    Not sure if we got triple digits today, but if not, it’s close … .and feels horrible out there. Meanwhile, the top pic is King Kong with funky hair howling at the ocean.

  2. Gosh, we need rain here, as well. It looks really, really dry in the bogs–especially when bogs would seem to be inherently wet or at least damp. May the showers come soon!

  3. ~mimo~ says:

    They remind me of the easter island faces 🙂 Beautiful rich greens and gorgeous images as always Robin!

  4. mobius faith says:

    Nice images. Love the parched earth abstracts – but then you probably already saw that one coming. 🙂

  5. Marianne says:

    The Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick are indeed fascinating, Robin. The weather is certainly stifling though. Trees provide such a shelter from the heat. I feel the difference when I drive from the city with concrete abound to the area I live where the trees and the green space still holds the majority. Mind you, ‘progress’ is closing in on us too.

    • Robin says:

      That’s what I don’t understand about progress, Marianne. It doesn’t take into account all the lovely things that Nature does for us (such as the cooling effect from the trees). Ah well…

      Stay cool. 🙂

  6. I love those images of Hopewell.. definitely want to get there some day, Robin! You don’t have rain, because we’ve managed to keep all of it here..

  7. after my trips to the desert this year that looks soooooo green!! 🙂

  8. It’s going to be 99 in South Jersey today. I clearly see a face in the rocks. Actually two. A proud American Indian (with the horn) looking out at the water and a surprised or face full of fear next to him looking directly at the camera.

  9. Sallyann says:

    I see the big nose and bushy eyebrows looking out to sea, but there’s Zippy from the children’s program Rainbow looking out of the far right of your picture. I wondered where he’d been hiding, I haven’t seen him in ages. 🙂

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