Thursday Travels: Mary’s Point

On the beach at Cape Enrage. New Brunswick, Canada.

Last week we looked at The Rocks of Cape Enrage.  I could show you more, but that would be going overboard.  Besides, it’s time to move on.  We can’t spend all of our time at Cape Enrage, no matter how beautiful it is there.  (For those new to Life in the Bogs, my husband and I took a trip to the Canadian Maritimes back in June, and I’m still sorting through all of the photographs I took.)

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Thursday Travels: The Rocks of Cape Enrage

Over time

As promised, I’ve brought you some rocks from Cape Enrage.  Since I’m on a mission to simplify my life, I did not bring home a ton of rocks from our vacation in a form other than photographic.  I already have little altars of rocks (shells, feathers, etc.) built pretty much everywhere around the house.  I’ve been limiting my penchant for collecting to photography.

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Thursday Travels: Back to Cape Enrage

On the way to Cape Enrage

Do you remember these stairs?  Go ahead and look if you need to refresh your memory.  We’ll wait.

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Thursday Travels: A picnic lunch

A picnic table near Point Wolfe. Fundy National Park. New Brunswick, Canada.

When we last left off, our intrepid hikers were at the Point Wolfe Beach in Fundy National Park.  (In case you missed all the excitement — heh — previous posts from my trip to the Canadian Maritimes will be linked to at the bottom of this post.)  Hiking is hungry business so M and I decided to have a picnic lunch before starting our next hike.

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Faces in Nature

Can you see the faces in the rocks?

Have you found a face in nature for Bearyweather’s Find a Face in Nature challenge yet?  I keep finding faces in the images of the rocks from Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick.  Since Bearyweather didn’t specify it had to be a human face, I decided to use this image for the challenge.

What do you see?  (I’ll let you know what I see after the break.)

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On the beach and through the forest

Demoiselle Beach

I mentioned in my Hopewell Rocks post that M and I explored the area while we were waiting for low tide.  Behind the Hopewell Rocks Interpretive Centre is a trail that leads to Demoiselle Beach.  It’s a lovely, sandy, and very quiet area (at least while we there — the family you see in the above photo left shortly after we arrived, the children having obviously enjoyed the mud).  The beach is framed by rock formations on one end and a salt marsh on the other.

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Sunday signage

Cemetery in New Horton, New Brunswick, somewhere between Cape Enrage and Alma.

After driving by this cemetery the day before on our way to Cape Enrage, I had to stop when we saw it again (coincidentally on our way to Cape Enrage again).  Who names a cemetery the “Ha Ha Cemetery?”  And what do they mean by that?  Are they laughing at death?  Was there something funny about the way the people in the cemetery died?  If you Google the Ha Ha Cemetery, you’ll find that many people before me have stopped to take photos and contemplate the meaning of Ha Ha.

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