Karma’s June Photo Hunt

Peace ☮

Karma’s June Photo Hunt is pretty interesting. To me it expresses feelings more than person, place, or thing (although certainly person, place, or thing could represent or be the  recipient of those feelings). I wasn’t sure what I’d be able to do with some of the words. To be honest, even as I sit down to put together this post I’m still not sure. I guess we will all have to wait and see where it goes as I scan through the photos I’ve taken this month. Since I spent more than half of June traveling, I suspect most (if not all) of the photos will come from my adventures in Canada and Maine.

The first word on the list —Peace— was easy.  I always feel a great sense of peace at sunrise.  More so than at sunset.  There is something about the silence of the early morning, before the world wakes up, that automatically instills a profound sense of inner peace.  On Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, this sense of inner peace was somehow, incredibly and surprisingly, intensified.  The water in the harbor was still, everyday life was remote (almost as if it didn’t exist at all!), and the colors were the hues of dreams.  Sunrises are awakenings for me, a connection to Peace, Love, and the Great Whatever.

Let’s call that one Peace 2.  ☮  I’ll bring you Peace 3, 4, and 5 another time.  We should move on to the next word so this post doesn’t become too cumbersome. (I sense cumbersome is approaching whether I like it or not.  It’s that kind of post, the one that wants to write itself, using Karma’s list as a catalyst to fire up some words and images.)

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