Happy Christmas!

Snowpeople are starting to appear

Snowpeople are starting to appear

Merry Christmas!  For those not celebrating Christmas, Merry Day!

Neuron shapes on the pond

Neuron shapes on the pond

It’s a cloudy day here in the Bogs.  We’re awaiting the big snowstorm that is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.  In the meantime, the first of the snowpeople has appeared here at Breezy Acres.  I’m sure there will be more to come.  Maybe even some snow-animals or other snow-creatures.

December 2012 025a

Snow on the pond

The surface of the pond is now solid enough to hold the light dusting of snow we had yesterday.  Neuron-shapes are forming in the ice.

December 2012 004a

For those of you celebrating Christmas with gifts and toys, was Santa good to you this year?



Santa brought me the one thing I asked for this year:  a new yoga mat.  My old mat was falling to pieces.  I was delighted to find a brand new one under the tree this morning.  That Santa is a good guy.  Actually, he’s a great guy.  He not only brought me what I asked for, he surprised me with something I didn’t request (but not-so-secretly wanted).  It’s a whole lot of fun in a small package.

Figured it out?

Figured it out?

Santa brought me a new camera!  Not the big purchase I dream about, of course.  This was even better.  It’s a small, waterproof, sandproof, dustproof, freezeproof, shockproof camera (advertised as “The Weekend Proof Outdoor Adventure Camera”).  How cool is that?   A new toy to play with, AND I can take it to the beach or cross-country skiing or even swimming in the pond.

December 2012L 015a

In addition to being able to take it underwater, the camera does this super cool panoramic thing.  I can do panoramics on my regular camera, but I have to line up the shots. With the Panasonic I just press and hold the button while moving the camera around.

December 2012L 017a

The quality of the images is not as good as my usual camera, but that’s not the point of having this little point-and-shoot.  The point is pure, unadulterated FUN.

December 2012 011a

Santa outdid himself this year.  I would have been quite happy and grateful for the yoga mat.  I took care of Santa, too.  He did not go away empty handed.  I gave him the pizza stone he’s been wanting.  I suspect there is a homemade pizza in my near future.

December 2012 012a

It’s funny how downsizing our Christmas (in terms of gifts) has made it all the richer.

That’s it from the Bogs on this gray and cloudy Christmas day.  I hope your day was as rich as mine, filled with love and laughter and pure fun.

December 2012 016a

Be good, be kind, be loving, just Be.  🙂


25 Comments on “Happy Christmas!”

  1. Merry Christmas, or Merry Day. I like that. 🙂 I hope the rest of your day is lovely. I suspect you will be getting more of the lovely white stuff than we will. The pictures should tell the story tomorrow. 🙂 Stay warm.

  2. Sounds like Santa was very good to you, Robin. Can’t wait to see the pictures with your fun new camera!

  3. rrosen1 says:

    Wonderful pictures and new camera. A very merry Christmas Robin

  4. Sorry I’m a little late…… hope you had a beautiful Christmas, Robin!
    Congrats on the new camera!! Love your snowman ♥

  5. Sallyann says:

    The snowman is wonderful !
    And as for the everything proof camera… can’t wait for some exciting shots. 🙂

  6. aFrankAngle says:

    Merry Christmas Robin … and to the rest of your family. And cheers for Santa’s goodness to you! Meanwhile, prepare to for the storm that that could bring you much white stuff.

  7. Karma says:

    What a fun little gift! As much as I love my Rebel, I do love the idea of a “go-anywhere” point-n-shoot. Looks like Ohio is set to take the brunt of this storm – I hope you are weathering it well. I’m just not sure about the forecast here: a winter storm warning is plastered on weather.com but the actual forecast for this area is partly sunny and cold today, rain tomorrow. Doesn’t sound like much of a storm for me.

  8. Bo Mackison says:

    Robin, how wonderful. A snowman, a yoga amt, a new camera, and a wonderful Santa Guy who loves you. Life can be just about perfect… Merry Christmas!

  9. Chloe says:

    congrats on your new camera 🙂

  10. dadirri7 says:

    your new camera looks like fun, i am sure we will all benefit!

  11. What a fun Christmas present! I wish you a great 2013, and I hope you have lots of fun with your new camera :).

  12. […] took Lulu with me to the beach.  Lulu is my little Lumix point-and-shoot camera that Santa gave me for Christmas last year (advertised as “The Weekend Proof Outdoor Adventure Camera”).  The photos are okay, […]

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