Beautiful blizzard

Mr. Cardinal watches as the snow starts to fall.

Mr. Cardinal watches as the snow starts to fall.  Everything looks a little blurry due to the movement of the snow as well as the wind in the branches of the tree.

Wow.  We have been having quite a snow event here in the Bogs today.  It’s incredible.  And beautiful.  And incredible.  This is more like what I expect from winter in these parts.

At 10:00am this morning

At 10:00 am today

The snow started around 10:00 am.  It didn’t take long to reach white-out conditions.  I went out for a short walk, marveling at how lovely the snow is when it fills the air.

Snow blowing across the surface ice on the pond.

Snow blowing across the surface ice on the pond.

The birds have been crowding the feeders.  The starlings and grackles in particular have been making pigs of themselves.  Every now and then a blue jay flies in and bullies them all off which allows the other birds to duck in for a nibble or two.

I'm not sure he appreciates the snow as much as I do.

I’m not sure s/he appreciates the snow as much as I do.

We should be able to cross-country ski tomorrow.  That’s my hope, at any rate.  I think there is already enough snow out there for us to make our way around the pathways here at Breezy Acres.

December 2012 024a

Is it just me or does a good snowfall seem to slow down time?  It makes the world quieter, too.

The world disappears behind a wall of snowfall.

The world disappears behind a wall of snowflakes.

Today’s snowfall is not the first of the season, but it is the first Really Good Snowfall.  It’s magical, the way it completely changes the world outside the doors and windows.

December 2012 040a

That’s about all there is from the Bogs for today.  The snow is still falling at a good clip as I type.  Lake-effect should kick in tonight and early tomorrow morning.  It’ll be a winter wonderland.  Well, it’s already a winter wonderland which means it will be more so tomorrow.

Sometimes they share.

Sometimes they share.  (Or Mr. Blue Jay just swoops down and quickly takes what he wants, not bothering with the other birds.)

Thank you for stopping by.  Wishing you a delightful and magical day, evening, or night… wherever and whenever you are on the spectrum of time.

December 2012 036a

Take a moment from time to time to remember that you are alive.  I know this sounds a trifle obvious, but it is amazing how little time we take to remark upon this singular and gratifying fact.  By the most astounding stroke of luck an infinitesimal portion of all the matter in the universe came together to create you and for the tiniest moment in the great span of eternity you have the incomparable privilege to exist.

~ Bill Bryson


32 Comments on “Beautiful blizzard”

  1. Wow! We are not getting as much as you. I love your Mr. Cardinal!

  2. Bo Mackison says:

    Looks amazingly familiar, robin! 🙂 Enjoy! Yes, indeed. Enjoy the snow, enjoy the day!

  3. dadirri7 says:

    it looks like a winter wonderland already, i understand how much the birds appreciate the feeders, and i do love being alive …. here the sun is shining again, the beach is perfect, first beach swim of the season this morning 🙂

    • Robin says:

      Beach weather sounds heavenly today, Christine. I love the winter, but sometimes it’s nice to escape from it for a little while (even if it’s just in my head). 🙂

  4. Oh how BEAUTIFUL!! We actually got a little snow yesterday, too, but got home too late to enjoy it. I could barely wait for the sun to come up this morning 🙂

  5. Thanks for the snow. We don’t have any here. Great bird photos!!!

  6. I love watching the birds during a snowfall, and yes, those blue jays are such bullies! I was thinking of you today when I was watching the weather channel. Enjoy!

  7. beautiful photos…and wonderful ending quote and reminder…beautiful reminder. Bundle up, stay warm…

  8. Sallyann says:

    Lovely photos, especially the last one. 🙂
    Enjoy your skiing. 🙂

  9. Joanne says:

    Oh wow, it really does look so beautiful, out there in the blizzardy bogs! The birds don’t seem to mind the cold too much either. Enjoy your cross country skiing. 🙂

    • Robin says:

      Thank you, Joanne. 🙂 I always wonder how the birds and other animals manage to cope with the bitterly cold temperatures we get here. Somehow they make it through (although I’m sure there are some who don’t).

  10. It looks so beautiful and dreamy. And peaceful. 🙂

  11. Karma says:

    I will look forward to seeing pictures of how much snow you ended up with. I had that pretty blanket of “just enough” snow last night and was hoping for the opportunity to take pictures today, but the rain is washing that opportunity away. I’d like the chance to get outside and “listen” to that special quiet sound of a snowfall. Well, winter is long – I’m sure it’ll happen eventually.

    • Robin says:

      We’ve had about a foot or so of snow so far, Karma. It’s hard to tell with the way the snow drifts on windy days. They have a bit more an hour or so north of us. Yes, winter can be long. I hope you do get a chance to listen to the quiet of a good snowfall. 🙂

  12. Phil Lanoue says:

    Especially love the first shot of Mr. Cardinal!
    Yikes! A Blizzard!! 😯

  13. Oh, wow…it’s lovely!
    All we got was rain, and gale-force winds…
    Hope you got some skiing in today!

  14. Every time I start reading your posts, I go “WOW this first shot is so good the others can’t top this one – but they are all beautiful. THe cardinal is so striking with the red and dark green contrast. Maybe because snow is rare here that last one is so marvelous. Great shots of all the bird guys!

  15. Beautiful, snowy photos! I love the bird photos. Thanks for sharing the amazing beauty!

  16. jane tims says:

    Hi Robin. Thank you for the cardinal in the evergreen!!! Jane

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