Where to start

Virginia Creeper

We’ve had quite a mix of weather today.  Heavy rain, misty rain, dark gray clouds speeding overhead, sunshine, intensely blue skies, and more dark clouds speeding overhead.  It’s windy, and a little chilly.  Wonderfully autumn weather.

Decorating the dragon’s eye

I meandered around the pond, the meadows, and the woods for a couple of hours, sometimes taking photos, sometimes just enjoying the views, the scents, the sounds, and the feel of the day.

The little guy pictured above accompanied me on part of my walk, always leading the way.  I’ve tried to identify it, but the little brown birds always confuse me.  Three birds joined me yesterday:

They might be chickadees.  They might not.  It’s hard to tell from that angle, but the chickadees are usually quite social and often keep me company on my walks this time of year.

Spooky footprints in the grass

I found a strange set of footprints near the wildflower meadow.  They paralleled the wildflower meadow and then turned off onto the main path through the meadows on the right side of the pond.  I’m not sure you can see them well in the photo above.  They’re the dark spots leading towards the top of the image.  The darkness appeared to be caused by dead or dying plants wherever the footprints appeared.  Spooky stuff, especially as it was dark and gray when I encountered them.

One of today’s views of the pond

The footprints continued on towards the cattails, and promptly disappeared at the cattails.  I didn’t try to pick them up again on one of the other trails.  I headed for the woods instead.

The dogwood near the pond

I wasn’t sure about braving the woods after the rain.  It can get slippery, especially on the hills that lead into the woods, and even more so if there happens to be a carpet of leaves on the ground.

It was worth the effort just to see the creek when the clouds parted and the sun lit up everything.

At the creek

See what I mean?  It’s gold back there in the woods.

There is more I want to show and tell you, but I’m already ten images into this post so I’d better wrap it up for now.

Thank you for dropping in, and joining me on a meander around Breezy Acres.  I’ll bring you some more images from the walk soon.

Ripples and reflections on the surface of the creek.

Wishing you a delightful day, evening, or night… wherever and whenever you are on the spectrum of time.  🙂

Ripples and reflections II

Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were.  The life of a person is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where power moves.

~ Black Elk


21 Comments on “Where to start”

  1. “Ripples and Reflections” looks like liquid gold.

  2. dadirri7 says:

    a symphony of gold to begin my day, thank you robin! did you know that LBB is the contraction for Little Brown Bird, used because not being able to positively identify such a bird is a common problem … i discovered this last year when trying to match a bird i had photographed … there is such pleasure in sharing your autumn, as we rush into summer with wild wet weather today, blessings, christine

  3. Val says:

    Beautiful as ever. 🙂

    Little birds are often difficult to identify, not just the ‘brown ones’! But I’d think that is some type of sparrow or bunting. It might be a song sparrow.

  4. Love the fall colors! ♥

  5. Joanne says:

    The colours of the autumn leaves just keep on getting better and better with each day that passes Robin!I do hope that there is no cause for concern about the footprints, a neighbour perhaps? It would be a bit spooky finding them. If only those little brown birds could let you know what they have seen! 🙂

    • Robin says:

      I don’t think the footprints are anything to worry about, Joanne. I suspect M was walking around out there in dirty boots, leaving behind wet grass clippings. I didn’t ask, though, so maybe I should… 😉

  6. As I read I kept thinking at each new photo, “Oh, THIS is my favorite.” By the end I had so many “favorites” it was ridiculous. LOL Stunning photos, Robin!

  7. Karma says:

    I love that golden look. I’m having difficulty capturing that lovely fall look so far. The trees all seem to be on different schedules this year and we’ve had a lot of clouds and drizzle. I think your birds may be sparrows, only because chickadees are usually very identify-able by their cute black-capped heads.

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, Karma. 🙂

      Our colors have been on different schedules, too. We started with yellows. The reds and oranges are appearing now. I find cloudy days the best for capturing the colors as long as I don’t try to include the sky in the image.

  8. Lovin’ the colors–ours are STILL not here!

  9. CMSmith says:

    The brown birds confuse me too. I’m setting a goal of trying to figure out some of them this winter at the feeders.

    Your beautiful photos make me want to get out and take my camera on a walk. This busy fall is getting away from me. We’re on our second trip to St. Louis in about a month and we’ll likely be coming back again before October is over. Grand baby is due on the 23rd.

    The hikes may have to suffer.

    • Robin says:

      Hikes should suffer for grandbabies, Christine. 🙂 I’ve had years like that. You

      • Robin says:

        Ugh… trying to use a laptop that’s not working well. (I’m still traveling.) My entire reply was:

        Hikes should suffer for grandbabies, Christine. 🙂 I’ve had years like that. The fall colors will be around next year, and the year after that.

  10. Marianne says:

    The little birdies look so cute! 🙂

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