Last day of summer

On the Towpath Trail yesterday

Just a quick post to mark the end of summer, and to say hello.  I’m having fun with our visiting family person.  We’ve been biking and hiking, talking and laughing, and generally having a great time, enjoying each other’s company.  I’ll be back with something more substantial on Sunday.  I will be ending my yoga challenge tomorrow and starting my meditation challenge on Sunday.

I hope you’ve had the time and opportunity to get out and enjoy this last day of summer.  We had a surprisingly nice day.  Surprising because they had been predicting rain.  The rain did arrive a little while ago, but we got to spend most of the day outdoors before that happened and there was plenty of sunshine to go around.

Catch up with you soon!

Bella watching the sunset yesterday

Three things


The Yogic sages say that all the pain of a human life is caused by words, as is all the joy.  We create words to define our experiences and those words bring attendant emotions that jerk us around like dogs on a leash.  We get seduced by our own mantras (I’m a failure… I’m lonely… I’m a failure… I’m lonely… ) and we become monuments to them.  To stop talking for a while, then, is to attempt to strip away the power of words, to stop choking ourselves with words, to liberate ourselves from our suffocating mantras.

~ Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

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A morning meditation

When love awakens in your life, in the night of your heart, it is like the dawn breaking within you.  Where before there was anonymity, now there is intimacy; where before there was fear, now there is courage; where before in your life there was awkwardness, now there is a rhythm of grace and gracefulness; where before you used to be jagged, now you are elegant and in rhythm with your self.  When love awakens in your life, it is like a rebirth, a new beginning.

~ John O’Donohue, Anam Cara

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The healing rains

I’ve been terribly busy this week.  I feel swamped, and not just from the (very much needed!) heavy rains we’ve had over the past couple of days.  So, I am doing what I always do when I feel overwhelmed.  I’m taking a breather.  A small break to put my thoughts and priorities in order.

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What I might be doing

It’s amazing how relieved I feel after posting yesterday.  Four days off!  Yay!

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Day 139 Musings

Sunset waves on the pond

When we focus on what we can get out of yoga, we miss the point.  We also place ourselves in physical danger while sabotaging our relationship to our practice.  To realize the beauty of yoga in our lives, we must never forget that the prize is in the process.

~ Rolf Gates & Katrina Kenison, Meditations From the Mat

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A moonlit interlude

Up at six o’clock this morning, I unrolled my yoga mat in the moonlight that was pouring through the living room windows.  It is day 107  of my year-long yoga challenge.

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