362: Faces

Sgt. Gnome Lennon

This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post is Faces.  This seems like a good time to share the assortment of gnomes and other creatures I have left over from this summer’s adventures.

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356: Textured

Textured is the theme for this week’s WordPress Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.  Boy, that’s a mouthful.  Not the textured part.  The WordPress, etc., etc.  I could use that to fill up some space when I’m doing my morning pages.

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345: Up

Up at the county fair

Last week’s The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge was Up.  I’m a little late to the party, but I’m hoping it will be considered fashionably late and my tardiness will be excused.

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320: Mountains

Longs Peak in the background. Rocky Mountain National Park. Colorado. August 2010.

Last year at the time, M and I were in Colorado, hiking around in Rocky Mountain National Park.  The WordPress Weekly Photo challenge for this week is Mountains, making this a great time to pull out some of those mountain photos that have been languishing in the archives.  Longs Peak is the only “fourteener” (summits over 14,000 feet) in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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306: Colorful

Hiding in the colorful balls

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is Colorful.  I have quite a few colorful photos from our trip to Pittsburgh and Idlewild with our granddaughters and their parents.  While some of these are not the best photos, they do meet my criteria (they are colorful and they don’t show too much, or any, of the girls’ faces).

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286: Sky

Under the locust tree

Yesterday’s sky was so pretty that I set aside a few shots for today’s post.  The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Sky.  It’s been a few weeks since I participated in a WordPress photo challenge.

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256: Numbers

One peony, many petals

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Numbers.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, and decided to wait until inspiration arrived.  Or didn’t arrive.  It’s okay if I miss a photo challenge since it isn’t part of any of my ongoing commitments.

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