329: Muck raking

Somewhere in the neighborhood

According to the World English Dictionary, a muck rake is an agricultural rake used for spreading manure.  A lake rake, on the other hand, is an agricultural rake used for raking weeds out of a lake or pond.  The pond here at Breezy Acres not only has weeds, it has muck (also known are mud or mire).  So when I rake weeds and muck out of the pond, I think of it as muck raking.  It is a very dirty, messy, muddy, mucky business.

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Saddle sore in Boulder

Weed control

Did you know the city of Boulder uses goats to control noxious weeds instead of herbicides?  They do.  The goats come in, eat the invasive plants, and the herders come in and move the goats before they start munching on the native grasses and plants.

How cool is that?  I love Boulder.  It’s one of the greenest cities I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit.

Boulder Creek

We spent yesterday riding around and exploring Boulder on the bike paths.  The bike I rented has a “comfort” seat.  My bottom does not agree with that description.  Sitting is not something I’ll want to do again for a few days.  But I will have to get back on the bike one last time this morning to return it.  Hopefully it won’t be too painful.

The end of the paved trail

We followed the Boulder Creek bike path uphill until we were out of the city limits.  I’m not sure who is responsible for the path from that point on.  All that uphill was pretty exhausting but worth the work.  We eventually reached a point where it was time to lock up the bikes and walk for a little while.  I enjoyed having my feet back on the ground again.

We fit our bike ride in between storms.  We had some mild rain storms move through in the morning and then some stronger storms in the afternoon.  We were on our way to lunch when we noticed the dark, almost black, clouds making their way across the mountains in the distance.  Then the lightning show started, streaks of it zig-zagging from mountain to mountain and cloud to cloud.  It was interesting to watch while it was far away.

By the time we finished our lunch (around 2:30pm) the dark clouds had rolled in with some strong and cooling winds.  We pedaled back to our hotel in record time (about 30 minutes), trying to beat the storm.  And beat it we did, I am happy to report.

Orchids and granite

We need all of the exercise we’ve been getting.  By the time we get around to eating, we’re all scarfing it down like we haven’t eaten in days.  The lack of oxygen must make the body work harder (or think it’s working harder).

As I mentioned earlier, we’ll be returning our bikes today.  Then we’ll pick up a rental car, do a little grocery shopping, and head into the mountains for a few days.  We are taking the scenic route to Grand Lake, driving along Trail Ridge Road rather than the interstate highway.  It will probably take us about 5-6 hours with all the stops we will no doubt make to admire the views and fit in a few short hikes.

I’d better get moving and finish packing up.  I’ll see you again from somewhere in the Rocky Mountains if we have internet access.