A Friday edition of Thursday Travels: The Ceilidh Trail

Fog and mist on the Sunrise Trail.  Nova Scotia.  June 2012.

Fog and mist on the Sunrise Trail. Nova Scotia. June 2012.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Thursday Travels post.  I know.  It’s Friday, not Thursday.  But I’m off skiing this afternoon and won’t have time to post the photos from that little adventure so you’re stuck with a scheduled post and some travel photos from Nova Scotia today.  In my last Thursday Travels post (Ferries and boats and lighthouses, oh my), M and I had just landed in Nova Scotia.  We left Caribou, Nova Scotia, and went east on the Sunrise Trail, making our way towards Cape Breton.

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Thursday Travels: Ferries and boats and lighthouses, oh my

Wood Island, Prince Edward Island

Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island

Last week when we left off, M and I were getting ready to leave Prince Edward Island.  After a quick visit to say goodbye to the beach, we made our way to  Wood Islands, PEI to take the ferry to Caribou, Nova Scotia.  (Side note:  This must seem like it was the longest trip in the world, especially when you consider that this is only the half way point.  We really did pack in a lot of activities each day.)

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Spectral morning



Last night while I was sleeping the pond, the woods, and the meadows disappeared into mystical, magical fog, altering the landscape and moving the boundaries.  When I walked around the pond and into the woods this morning, I, too, vanished into the mist, wandering in a world that was familiarly unfamiliar.

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Thursday Travels: Leaving Prince Edward Island

I think this is the Covehead Lighthouse.  (Late afternoon, 6 June 2012.)

Well, here we are back on Prince Edward Island.  It’s just about time to say goodbye.  M and I had only one full day there, and we did as much as we could considering the weather.

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A whirlwind weekend

Walking the dog

So.  How was your weekend?  Mine went by so quickly that I’m still trying to catch my breath.

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Wishing you…

Somewhere in Pennsylvania. October 2012.

By the time this scheduled post goes out, I will be somewhere in Pennsylvania, heading east towards New Jersey to spend Thanksgiving Day with family.  The house-sitter should be all settled in, ready to enjoy a few days by the pond and with the kitties.  She’s going to have some nice weather.  It should be nice back east too.

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Thursday Travels: Leaving Greenwich

Walking back over the floating boardwalk

Because of the weather, it was a fast hike out to the beach and back.  If you are a birder, the floating boardwalk over Bowley Pond is a great place to look for birds.  I saw numerous birds, but couldn’t capture any photos of them as it was just too windy and wet.

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