One of those days

You probably know how this goes.  You get up in the morning and at first everything seems okay, and then you realize everything isn’t okay.  It started with the central air conditioning.  It had been running all night, non-stop, and yet the house didn’t feel particularly cool.  It refused to turn off when I lowered the temperature.  Long story, short, an expert had to be called in to get it working again.  Naturally this happens as the weather is heating up again.

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Sunday signage

Sign on the restroom/washroom building by the Towpath Trail.

I’ve never before seen a sign warning about the dangers of using the loo.  I’d hate to be in there when that alarm goes off.

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A good ride

On the Towpath Trail near Big Bend.

I went for a bicycle ride on the Towpath Trail this morning.  It was a fun ride with some uphill work, some coasting, and some level spots in between.  A little like life, eh?

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359: On the Towpath Trail

Lil' Monet. From the Gnomes and Gardens exhibit at the Holden Arboretum.

It is another beautiful day here in the Bogs.  Sunny with autumn-like temperatures.  Perfect hiking and/or biking weather.  But there was work to be done around Breezy Acres so the only hiking I managed today was around the pond.

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A visit to Akron

(Along the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Akron.)

M and I went to Akron on Saturday evening where we met up with a friend for a few beers and some dinner.  I took the camera along (of course) and snapped a few shots at sunset when M and I went for a short walk along the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail.

It was surprisingly quiet in Akron for a Saturday night.  There were a few people here and there but we had the Towpath trail mostly to ourselves, except for some ducks and a great blue heron.

(Getting a drink of water.)

(Waiting for a fish.)

(Bridge over the canal.)

(One of the locks.)

It was a peaceful sunset stroll.  M and I haven’t walked the Towpath Trail since they finished the section near the Civic Theater.

(Lock 3 area.)

(Have a seat.)

(Part of the new section behind the Civic Theater.)

We circled back around by taking one of the main streets back to where we parked, passing by the Civic Theater which was rapidly filling up with middle-aged women who were there to see Menopause The Musical.