A whirlwind weekend

Walking the dog

So.  How was your weekend?  Mine went by so quickly that I’m still trying to catch my breath.

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Wishing you…

Somewhere in Pennsylvania. October 2012.

By the time this scheduled post goes out, I will be somewhere in Pennsylvania, heading east towards New Jersey to spend Thanksgiving Day with family.  The house-sitter should be all settled in, ready to enjoy a few days by the pond and with the kitties.  She’s going to have some nice weather.  It should be nice back east too.

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Wishing you a day filled with love, gratitude, and happiness.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Feathers in my cap

Thank you

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

~ William Arthur Ward

I have been remiss in the area of gratitude lately.  Over the past several weeks some wonderful fellow bloggers have nominated me for various awards.  Please accept my sincere thanks for the honors you have bestowed upon me, and my apologies for waiting so long (in some cases) to acknowledge the awards.

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64: Giving Thanks

(Shadow family.)

Praise the bridge that carried you over.  ~ George Colman

M and I are having our Thanksgiving dinner with friends, something that has become a tradition with us since our sons are now a good distance away and the rest of our families are back east.  We have been blessed with friends who have become family to us, and I’m looking forward to spending time with them.  We’ve all been living busy lives lately and haven’t had much time together.  Life is like that at times.

(A daylily at the beach.)

I have a great many blessings in my life and could write a long post about them, probably forgetting some here and there.  But what I really want to do today is say thank you to YOU, all of my wonderful visitors to the blog.  Thank you for stopping by.  Thank you for reading and looking at my photos.  Thank you for commenting (or not commenting, because I am thankful for my lurkers too).

I appreciate and am grateful for you all.

Thank you.  😀

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you out there celebrating it today!

Today’s walk

Will be filled in later.  It’s been raining like crazy here for the past few hours.  The prediction is for up to 2-3 inches of rain.  It came in as a warm front.  Imagine if it had been a cold front!  We’d be buried in snow.  The snow won’t be here until tomorrow when the temperatures drop.  I think Saturday is our best chance for the lake-effect stuff.

So.  I’ll either come back later and fill this in or add today’s walk to tomorrow’s post.  Either way, I will get outside, even in the pouring rain.

46: From place to place

(A child’s rainbow)

M and I are home again.  The cats were very happy to see us.  Well, not really.  They were napping.  I’m not sure they even realized we were gone since it was such a quick trip.

(Miss Madison)

This morning’s Thanksgiving breakfast was a lovely feast.  There was an assortment of breakfast foods including the much-anticipated chocolate-chip pancakes.  When Emma throws a party, she goes all out.

(Time to rest.)

Emma had a lot going on yesterday, including going to a concert with her mom last night.  Both of them must be exhausted.

M and I hung out with Maddy and her dad again during the evening while Emma and B were out enjoying the concert.  I got my very first Maddy hugs last night.  I’m still thrilled and excited and all that good stuff.  I’ve held Maddy, of course, in the past when she was a baby but now that she’s a toddler, she can be more than a little shy with us.  Part of the reason for that is we don’t see Maddy and her sister as often as we’d like.  Everyone is busy and life gets in the way.  That makes these get-togethers all the more special for us.

Just before we left last night I asked Maddy for a hug and she not only gave me a hug, but she stayed there, ready to drop off to sleep.  It was nice.  I was afraid I’d have to win her over again this morning.  Nope.  She gave me another big hug before we left to come home.

(Cornstalks in an Amish farm field.)

We pass through some Amish country on our way to and from Columbus when we go to visit the kids.  Every fall I think about stopping to take some photos of the cornstalks.  This year I finally remembered.  I need to be a little taller to get a better photo.  I couldn’t shoot over the fence.  I would have tried to get closer and shoot through it but the way was paved with poison ivy.

(There are still leaves on the linden tree.)

I went out for my walk shortly after arriving home.  It’s a mild November day here in the Bogs.  If we got snow while we were away, there is no sign of it now.  The sun is shining, there are a few high, thin clouds, the temperature is in the 40’s, and it’s a little breezy.  The sunshine, exercise, and fresh air were a good combination after all the car time.

(Creek-side reflections.)

I came across a dead possum at the beginning of my walk, on the path that runs through the once-hayfield, future-woods.  I’m not sure why it was dead but it has obviously been a source of food for some of the other animals around here.

(The shadows grow longer.)

I guess that’s about it from the Bogs for now.  I have some unpacking to do and then I should see about making something for dinner tonight.

I hope your weekend was as wonder-filled as mine.  😀

(Today’s view of the pond.)

45: Away from home

(A twist on American Gothic.)

M and I have put on our traveling shoes and are on the move again.  We’re going to be here and there this month, sometimes by air and sometimes by road.  The cats will probably end up thinking our house-sitter is their live-in person by the end of the month.

(Sunset at a rest stop.)

This weekend we are visiting our granddaughters and their parents.  Yay!

We saw our first snowflakes yesterday afternoon just before leaving home.  A few flew by on the drive south too.  Nothing serious and no accumulation yet that we know of.  We heard on the news this morning that it was snowing up there in the snowbelt.  Even if we did get some in our part of the secondary snowbelt, it’s unlikely it would stick around for long.  It’s supposed to warm up a little tomorrow.

(Miss Maddy)

Today we spent the morning with our son and our youngest granddaughter (the Magnificent Maddy) while our daughter-in-law and oldest granddaughter (the Exquisite Emma) were at dance class.  It was a lovely morning in which we got reacquainted with Maddy and she got reacquainted with us.  Maddy has the most wonderful array of facial expressions.  I was busy playing rather than taking photos so I didn’t capture many of them.

(Glow golf.)

We had lunch with Emma after her dance class.  She is 5-1/2 years old (don’t leave off the half or she might give you the look).  After lunch we played a round of glow golf.  No scores were kept.  We played for the fun of it.  Em, who writes with her right hand, is apparently left-handed when it comes to golf.  It was nice to have that grandparent-granddaughter time to get caught up on all the things Emma has been up to since we last saw her.  I enjoyed the glow golf too.

(A walk at sunset.)

I fit in my outdoor time after dinner (a delicious grilled dinner that C — oldest son — made).  M and I went out for a walk around the neighborhood.  I forgot to bring my hat and gloves so it was more than a bit nippy out there for me.  But I did get my full 30 minutes in so the commitment part of being outdoors is fulfilled.

(Playing with manual settings on the camera.)

Although we’re only about 3 hours south, it is a little warmer here than at home.  Some of the trees still have leaves.  And I noticed that the flowers haven’t been hit and killed by a hard frost yet like they have back in the Bogs.  They are going to have their first hard frost tonight when it dips down into the 20’s.  Tomorrow it will be back up into the 50’s.

It’s been a great trip so far.  Emma is planning a breakfast party for tomorrow morning.  She wants to have a Thanksgiving party with us since they will be in Florida for the holiday.  M and I took her shopping for some party plates, cups, napkins, balloons, and streamers.  The plates, cups, and napkins all have Thanksgiving colors and turkeys on them.  Em is going to make chocolate-chip pancakes for us.  I’m not usually much of a pancake person but if Em’s making them, I’m eating ’em.

(Short North Arts District)

The photo I started this post with was taken last night in Columbus in the Short North Arts District where we met a friend for a delicious dinner at Betty’s Fine Food & Spirits.  If you happen to be in the Columbus area, stop by Betty’s.  They have a great beer and drinks selection, the food is excellent, and the pin-up art is interesting.

The photos, by the way, are straight out of the camera.  Some are probably better than others although given the poor picture quality on this laptop, maybe they’re all bad.  I’ll find out when I get home.