47: Falling Back

On Saturday night/Sunday morning we fell back.  Or our clocks did.  Setting the clocks back an hour is supposed to mean that we gain an hour although time being arbitrary and this whole spring-forward, fall-back thing being even more arbitrary, there is no real gain or loss.  It’s all an illusion most of us subscribe to, like it or not.  But we need clocks and calendars to help us schedule and meet up and do those things we do in modern life.  I doubt anyone will be outlawing them anytime soon.  Where would NaBloPoMo be without time and dates?

(Afternoon sunlight in the bedroom.)

Generally I like it when we fall back.  I like having an extra hour of sleep.  I liked it this year too except… I don’t know where that extra hour of sleep got to.  Somehow it escaped me and I am now in sleep-deficit mode.  Hyper one minute.  Thoroughly exhausted the next.

(Late afternoon sunlight in the basement.)

M and I are going to be extremely confuzzled when it comes to sleep patterns by the time this month is through with the time changes we’ll be experiencing.

(Afternoon sunlight and shadows in the dining room.)

The only point where eternity meets time is in the present.  The present is the only time there is.

~ Marianne Williamson

(Night roses.)

Wherever I was headed with this time loop has slip-slided away into the foggy regions of my brain.  Having said that, I suddenly remembered which road I wanted to take.

The light changes when the time changes.  Or the time in which the light changes, changes.  Either way, I’ve been wanting to drag take the tripod out to the once-hayfield, future-woods and photograph the sunset.  After the equinox the sunset moved.  It used to set behind the woods.  Now it sets between the garden and the woods, slowly moving closer to the garden.

Yesterday evening would have been a great time to go out to the future-woods.  The problem is that by the time I noticed the light had changed and the sun was setting, it was too late to get it all together and go out there in time to catch what I hope to capture.  I forgot that the sun would be setting somewhere around 5:15.  Hopefully I’ll get around to remembering sometime over the next few days.

Today’s Walk:  Soaking up the sun

I had a not-so-great morning.  I spilled things, I tripped over things, and nothing seemed to go right.  So when it came time to step outside, I wasn’t all that sure I wanted to go.  I thought for sure I’d end up stepping in a hole and breaking my ankle, tumble down the sledding hill and drown in the pond, or have a tree fall on my head.

(Sunlight in the mushroom tower.)

The thing is, it is such a gorgeous day here today.  Too good to pass up.  I should have found some work to do outside (there is plenty to choose from) rather than spend the day inside.  It’s that nice out there.  I decided it was worth the risk, put on my shoes, and out I went.

(Today’s view of the pond.)

I’m so glad I went out.  The weather is amazing for this time of year.  It’s about 60 degress with a light breeze and lots of sunshine.

I returned intact, having suffered no bodily injury, and feeling much better about the day in general.  The sunshine literally lightened up my day as well as my attitude.

I don’t know where our usual November is hiding but I am grateful for this mild, sunny weather, and intend to enjoy every moment of it.

(A big sunflare.)

32: Sunday Sunshine

(A light in the woods.)

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.  ~ Maori Proverb

Hey!  I’m finally getting the hang of the star-effect using the manual settings on the camera.  Some are better than others, though.

It’s day 32 of my outdoor commitment.  It’s the kind of day when you want to bring the outdoors inside by throwing open all the windows and doors, inviting in the sunshine and fresh air.  Of course that’s just what I’ve done today.  It’s driving the cats bonkers since they would rather be outside playing than hanging around in the house.  Sometimes I feel bad about keeping them indoors.  Then I remember that it’s healthier for them (and for me as I don’t have to worry about whether or not one of the visiting hawks or owls will decide to eat them).

(Sunlight and leaf on the pond.)

Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…   ~ Susan Polis Shutz

M and I have spent a goodly part of the morning on more winter preparations.  Say goodbye to the pedal boat and the swim platform.  We’ve hauled them out of the water and won’t see them in the pond again until next year.

(This morning’s view of the pond.)

The rowboat will stay out for a while longer, probably until the pond starts to freeze.  Putting the rowboat away for winter is easily accomplished.  We haul it up on the bank and turn it over.  Voila!  Winterized.

(Leafy sunshine.)

I am grateful to report that hauling in the swim platform didn’t end with one or both of us swimming in the pond.  The weather is warm today, but not warm enough for a dip.  The nights have been cool, sometimes cold.  The temperature of the water has dropped with the air temperature.  M did wind up stuck in the muck a few times, the mud grasping and suctioning on to his hip boots (formerly known as the scary boots).  I wish I’d had the camera.  It seemed unwise to take it along on this excursion as we weren’t sure whether or not pulling up the platform anchor would result in tipping the boat.

(Prayer flags and sunlight.)

Breezy Acres is not just breezy today.  It’s downright gusty.  The wind is whooshing and whistling, creating a kind of music for the falling leaves to dance to.  The laundry on the line is drying quickly, allowing me to get quite a bit of it done today.  In between hanging laundry I’ve been soaking up the sun and wind and warmth, taking in all the sights, sounds and fragrances of this beautiful day, and once in a while doing a dance of my own in celebration.

(Creek-side reflections.)

This week will be a busy one.  I want to finish up the fall cleaning and winterizing the garden.  Thunderstorms are expected tonight and tomorrow so it looks like the garden will have to wait until the middle of the week.  In the meantime, I think I’ll relax and take in the what’s left of this sunshiny Sunday.

(On the deck.)

The drawing for the Give-Away is tomorrow evening so if you haven’t signed up yet (and you want to), head on down to day 30 (The leaf and berry collection) and do so.

Sunlight through the woods

I spent yesterday afternoon sitting on the deck.  It was too nice to stay indoors.  Being a bear of little ambition yesterday, my deck sitting consisted of doing pretty much nothing, thinking pretty much nothing.  I took a book with me, and the camera.  But it was so nice just sitting there, just being.  I didn’t need the book.  Or the camera.  Until…

… I looked out at the back of the pond.  The swallows swooping and swirling drew my eyes back that way.  It was the sunlight coming through the dark green of the woods that kept my eyes focused there for a while.  Finally I reached down, picked up the camera, and snapped a few shots.

Then I went back to sitting and being and listening to the birds while the sun poured down on me.

A hole in the leaf

102509 025a

(156:  Sunlight through a hole in the leaf.)

It’s been a garden day.  I’ve been out weeding the asparagus bed, getting it ready to be mulched.  As usual it’s a much bigger project than I anticipated.  Someday I’ll learn that the weeds are always going to be way ahead of me, especially when I ignore that patch of ground I call a garden for a couple of months.

Life seems to be getting back to something resembling normal.  Sadness (grief) comes and goes.  It’s the little things right now that sometimes bring the tears.  Putting on the bracelet my mother gave me for my 50th birthday for the first time since her funeral.  Cooking something that I know she liked (or that she taught me how to make).  Sometimes, though, thoughts of Mom bring a smile first, before I remember all over again that she died.

Today was my first day back in the garden since Mom’s death.  I’d forgotten how calming it is to be out there, pulling weeds, listening to the birds, and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  I’ll be back out there tomorrow, trying to finish the weeding before the next batch of rain comes in on Wednesday.


(This morning’s view of the pond.)