Dear Mom

A sunflower for remembrance.

Well, it’s been three years now since you died.  This is probably going to be the last year I’ll write to you on the date of your death.  From now on, I’d rather celebrate the anniversary of your birth, and your life.  I think of you often, and I’d rather not dwell on the cancer, the hospice room, and the sadness.  I don’t believe you would have wanted that from any of us.  I will, however, always remember those beautiful sunflowers.

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357: Small signs

It is cold and rainy here in the Bogs today.  It seems early to be writing “it is cold.”  This feels more like late September weather, the kind we get just before a bout of October Indian Summer.

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339: Bouquets

Colors of late August. From Maddy's bouquet of flowers.

It was another lovely weekend filled with family and fun.  The house is quiet now, something the cats are appreciating.  Both are napping and will likely sleep for the next 24 hours.  They tend to be jumpy when little girls and dogs come to visit, and get very little sleep.  It’s nice to see them settled down again.

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332: Sunday sunflowers

Sundays are usually about signage here on the Bogs blog, but today I’ve been playing with sunflowers and find them much more interesting than any of the signs I’ve photographed recently.

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Sunflowers at sunset

(Enjoying the wine, the weather, and the evening.)

We had a lovely weekend here in the Bogs.  I hope your weekend was lovely too.  Sunday’s get-together with friends was nice.  Good food, good beers to sample, good weather, and great company.  Can’t ask for more than that.

The sunflowers were looking especially pretty yesterday at sunset.  I couldn’t resist hauling out the camera even though I keep telling myself that I should not take any more photos until I upload all of the Colorado pics.

I sat on the ground for a little while and did nothing more than admire them in the glow cast by the setting sun.  Then I decided to lie on the ground and look at them from that perspective.  The grass was pretty comfortable, and I had to resist the urge to close my eyes and take a little  nap.

Eventually the flowers spoke to me with light and color so I took a few photos.  Really, just a few.  It was apparently my day to practice restraint as I resisted the next urge which was to take a few dozen or so pictures.  Or it could have been my day to practice patience, waiting and watching rather than snapping away in the hopes that I might get one or two good shots.  I would like to practice the waiting and watching method more often.  I suspect it would improve my photography skills.

Shades of yellow

With some green thrown in to go with the NaBloPo theme, some blue from the skies (and clothes pins), and whatever other color happens to crop up.

These bright yellows go well with the bright late-August days we’ve been having.  I am appreciating them very much now and imagine I will appreciate them again while looking at them during the grays of winter.

We have a lot of tiger swallowtails hanging around the zinnias lately.  I still haven’t seen any monarchs this year.  I wonder what’s up with that?

The sunflowers are blooming nicely.  The biggest one has already gone to seed and the birds have obviously been dining on it.

I like the way the sunflowers appear to have different personalities and attitudes.  This one seems to be standing tall and proud with its hair (petals) slicked back.