336: The calm after the storm


As has become the pattern here recently, we had storms with heavy rain, lots of lightning and thunder, and gusty winds overnight and into the wee hours of the morning.  Shortly after sunrise the clouds began to break up, and all was calm.  The pond looked like glass.

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333: Sun and showers

I feel like I should be playing the lottery or something today.  Or at least doing something with the number 3.  Day 333 of my outdoor commitment.  Where did the time go?

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312: Boom boom boom

This morning's view of the pond

Noah joined me on my walk this morning.  As you can see from the above photo, the day started out sunny with a few clouds building on the horizon.  It’s gone from hot, bright, and sunny to cloudy and thundery this afternoon.  There’s an almost constant rumble in the background, the sound of storms off in the distance.

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299: And then the rains came

Storm clouds. Taken yesterday evening.

Late yesterday afternoon, dark clouds rolled over the trees at the back of the pond.  They brought lightning and thunder and gusty winds.  The lightning and thunder had a long and noisy conversation, back and forth debating the flash and the boom.  But no rain.

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245: Stormy weather

Stormy weather. Taken yesterday evening when the first round of storms rolled in.

We had some wicked storms move through last night.  Fortunately for us, the energy seemed to have fizzled out a little before they got here.  Places west and north of us experienced 70mph winds, and at least one tornado.  We did have some pretty spectacular lightning.  Someday I should learn how to photograph it.

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217: Sometimes she roars

(Apple blossom.)

Mother Nature roared through here beginning around 2:00 this morning.  Literally roared.  And howled, moaned, screeched, and an assortment of other noises.  The news reports are that we had sustained winds of 30-40 mph, with gusts up to 69 mph (close to hurricane force).  Right now our winds are around 22 mph with gusts up to 41 mph.

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193: Rain and wind

Today's view of the pond

We’re having serious weather today.  Lots of rain, wind, thunder, and lightning.  Transition weather.  The high today was up around 70.  Tomorrow it will be hovering around 40.  Another cold front is moving in.

The weather suits my mood.  I’m having serious thoughts today.  I keep wishing the wind would blow through my mind and take the thoughts with it.

Serious clouds

The thoughts swirl around, and I get caught up in them.  Going out for my walk in the rain was a good distraction.  I stayed out until the lightning got too close for comfort.

So close...

It’s difficult to take photos in the rain while carrying an umbrella even when the wind is relatively calm.  It’s even more difficult when the wind is blowing about 25 mph with the occasional 40 mph gust.  I’m lucky the umbrella made it through without being turned inside out.

The willows

The storminess was good for me.  The thoughts which had been churning like the clouds above me finally moved on once I realized I was not going to resolve anything by dwelling in them.

I did have some fun for a little while this afternoon playing with photos of my granddaughters.  I don’t usually post photos of them, not the sort that would be too recognizable (especially of Emma, the oldest), so it was interesting to see what I could do with the photos.

Tiny dancer


Got giggles?

I had such a great time with my granddaughters this weekend.  I hope we get to see them again soon.  I’d really like to be able to spend more time with them.

Well, this is a scattered, disjointed kind of post.  Perhaps I can do better tomorrow.  🙂