300: Hot and steamy

Hot air balloon landing near the pond. Taken with a steamed up lens.

If you’re looking for an exciting, exotic, erotic, hot blog post, this is not it.  (I do have a dragonfly photo that might qualify, but won’t be posting it today.  I caught ’em in the act, so to speak.)  The title refers to the weather we’re currently experiencing.  It’s only about 90 degrees today.  Tomorrow we’re under an excessive heat advisory.  Personally, I find the heat to be excessive today.  Tomorrow I’ll probably think this was cool in comparison.

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Look Up: Balloons

No Look Up theme would be complete without a few hot air balloons thrown into the mix every now and then.  This photo is from the August 2009 Pro Football Hall of Fame induction celebrations.  It’s one of the many I never finished sorting through.  There was too much going on at the time.

Going up…

(083:  Guidance.  Photo © 2009 by Robin)

(Making adjustments.)


(Becoming giants.)