Lobster supper

Cheese Lady’s Gouda. P.E.I.

Rain, wind, more rain, and lots of gusty wind sums up the weather here on Prince Edward Island today.  We didn’t let that keep us indoors for the entire day, although we did do an indoor thing or two (such as visit the Cheese Lady’s shop to sample and purchase a bit of delicious Gouda cheese).

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Great Cormorants!

No escape

Greetings from Prince Edward Island!  Even on vacation, the laundry must be done.  I’ve also done some cooking, and washed more than a few dishes.  It’s no great hardship.  Sometimes it’s nice to have the luxury of a home cooked meal, especially when you’re traveling during the off-season and most of the good places to eat are not yet open.

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Out and about

Bay of Fundy. Alma, New Brunswick, Canada.

I thought about titling this post “The thrill of traveling while ill,” but that hardly sounds like fun.

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