Thursday Travels: Let’s go to the beach

Point Wolfe. Fundy National Park, New Brunswick, Canada.

If you were here last week, you may recall that I took you as far as the bottom of the stairs on the hike M and I took to Point Wolfe in Fundy National Park.  (If you don’t recall it, or you missed it, you’ll find the link at the bottom of this post).  This is the beach at the Point Wolfe River Estuary.

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Thursday Travels: Point Wolfe

Point Wolfe River

M and I took our first hike in Fundy National Park in the Point Wolfe area.  We took the Shiphaven Trail, which overlooks Point Wolfe, to the Point Wolfe Beach trail which takes you down to the Point Wolfe Estuary and Beach.  It was an early morning hike.  We met a few people along the trail, all of them headed out, so we ended up having the trail and the beach to ourselves.

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