Three Pictures

Picnik will be closing.  The last day to use the photo editing site is April 19, 2012.  I will be sorry to see it go because I was just starting to really enjoy playing around with my photos in a variety of ways.   Picnik made play easy to do, usually in one step rather than the several I often have to take in Photoshop to get certain effects.

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Unique smiley

Is it just me or did life all of sudden become busy??  My to-do list is so long that I almost feel paralyzed by it.  Procrastination is tempting, and seems easier than prioritizing.

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Sock skating down the hallway

A dragon's neck.

Because I knew it was supposed to be a gloomy day, I saved some photos from  yesterday to brighten the place up.  That’s not really a dragon’s neck up there.  Just a limb on one of the trees near the pond.  But doesn’t it look like it could be a dragon’s neck?

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351: Bones in the woods

It has been damp and dark in the woods the past few days.  The grayness of the clouds overhead lets in very little light where the canopy of trees is thickest.  The forest is still verdant and what light there is has taken on the green shades of the foliage on the trees, the mosses, and the lush undergrowth.

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332: Sunday sunflowers

Sundays are usually about signage here on the Bogs blog, but today I’ve been playing with sunflowers and find them much more interesting than any of the signs I’ve photographed recently.

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313: The one that didn’t get away

Hail the conquering fishermen!

Noah caught a big bass yesterday around sunset.  It was 17 inches long yesterday.  This morning it was 17-1/2 inches.  And this afternoon it was 18 inches.  As with all fish tales, the fish grows with each telling of the tale.  (Actual size was 17 inches.)

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309: Hot and steamy cycling adventures

Under the bridges on the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail in Stark County

As promised, I have some photos from yesterday’s cycling adventures.  No self portraits are included.  It was a 3H day (hot, hazy, and humid).  I was not a pretty sight by the time we finished our six mile ride.

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