Bless my bloomers

The tulips are beginning to bloom.  Some are already wide open and collecting sunshine and bees.  Others are just starting to unfurl.  The tulip pictured above is one of my favorites.  I’m not sure what type they are, but they always remind me of fiery sunsets.

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Sunday in the garden

In the Costa Rica greenhouse garden. Cleveland Botanical Garden.

I have gone back to the Cleveland Botanical Garden, sorting through some more of the photos I took over a week ago during my last visit.  It’s another beautiful day here in the Bogs and I could bring you photos from today, but I wanted to finish going through the Orchid Mania images before starting on something new.

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Open up the windows

What an incredibly beautiful day we are having here in the Bogs!  Warm, sunny, simply gorgeous.  It’s the kind of day that makes you throw open all of the windows to let the stale air of winter out, and the invigorating air of spring in.

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We must not weep for what might have been.  There is still time.

~ Edward Matchett

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Moon of Ice

thin wall —
with the moonlight comes
the cold

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Play date

Tungsten vs. Open Shade

While out and about and playing in tungsten, I also took a few photos with the white balance set to Open Shade (also called “Cloudy” and may have some other names I’m not familiar with) which brings warmer tones to your photos.

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Friday reflections

Morning view of the pond. Processed in Photoshop and Picnik.

I was listening to the news while cooking dinner last night and one of the local weather oracles predicted that we would not see real winter temperatures for the rest of winter.  Welcome to seasonal purgatory.  I think Karma summed it up well in this post when she mentioned that it feels like November with no turkey dinner to look forward to.  In case you didn’t follow the link, it will also lead you to Karma’s February Photo Hunt.  Now you’ve had two chances to click.  What are you waiting for?  The more who participate, the merrier.  I’ve been lax of late in participating in some of the photo challenges.  I promise to do better this time around.  It looks like a fun list.

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