190: Somebody come and play

(Playing in Picnik.com)

The real joy of life is in its play.  Play is anything we do for the joy and love of doing it, apart from any profit, compulsion, or sense of duty.  It is the real living of life with the feeling of freedom and self-expression.  Play is the business of childhood, and its continuation in later years is the prolongation of youth.

~ Walter Rauschenbusch

When I was, oh, about 11 or so, my youngest brother received a Sesame Street album (vinyl, in those days) for Christmas.  It was his favorite thing to listen to, and it got more play time than a #1 hit on the pop charts on the radio.

(The original, pre-Picnik, version)

While going through my snow shots from yesterday, I found some photos that begged for somebody to come and play.  I took them to Picnik.com via Picasa, and while I was playing I thought of the song “Somebody Come and Play” from the Sesame Street Album.  I have a thing for song lyrics.  They stick in my head.  And I’m almost willing to bet that I know most of the song lyrics from most of the songs on that album.  (That explains, by the way, why I can’t remember simple nouns, where I put things, and people’s names.  My memory is filled with song lyrics that refuse to go into the recycle bin.)  At any rate, the song is now firmly stuck in my head.

(Pine trees marching up the hill.)

I know it is customary to reveal the secrets behind the editing.  It’s not that I want to keep secrets.  I wouldn’t mind at all telling you what I did to arrive at the final photo.  Except…  it was play.  No notes.  No cares.  No worries.  Just play.  I have no idea how I arrived at my destination with each photo, but I sure enjoyed the getting there.

(Entrance to the woods.)

I’ve been invited to play something else, too.  Perhaps I should rephrase that.  I have been honored with, and incredibly flattered by, the gift of the Versatile Blogger Award.

Who? Me? Thank you!

Rapunzel/Christine and Holly (who are well-deserved recipients of the same award) have each honored me with this award.  Thank you, thank you.  I truly am grateful that you think so much of me and my blog, and appreciate the honor of having you share this with me.

Those who have been visiting my blog for a while know I don’t play by the rules.  Once bitten, twice shy, so the saying goes.  And I have been bitten by passing on an award.  Would you believe there are some bloggers who don’t like receiving blog awards?  It’s true.  They get grumpy about this sort of thing.

So.  I will not be posting or following the rules.  I have posted 7 random facts about myself so many times that I’m not sure there are any left to share that are within my sharing limits (some things are not meant to be blogged about in any way, shape, or form).  Just in case you want to read 7 random facts (or something of that nature) about me, here are a few of my past posts on that subject:

I am now going to bestow the award on all of my blogging friends and visitors because I happen to think you are all wonderful, versatile, bloggers.  Everyone has something different and special to offer, and it would be very difficult to choose from amongst such a great group (even if I were so inclined).  Feel free to pick up your award, and follow your own rules.

Thank you, again, to Christine and Holly.  🙂

Today’s Outdoor Adventures

…were mostly about doing chores and getting a little exercise.  The day started out gray with snow flurries, but the clouds have moved in and out giving us the occasional sunny spells.  It’s warmer than it has been, too.  In the 40s.  Heat wave!

(A pair of geese on the pond.)

P.S.  I see WordPress is playing today, too.  I love the little April Fool’s joke.  Did you catch it?  I’ll give you a hint.  Look at your Dashboard.