A passion for peonies

The ants certainly feel passionate about the peonies.  I learned a long time ago to admire the peonies from outdoors because no matter how well I think I’ve knocked off the ants, there will always be a dozen or so hiding within the petals.  I prefer to keep the ants outdoors, so that is where the peonies will have to stay as well.  That’s okay.  They last longer out there.

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257: The After Party

Relaxing on the shore

Perhaps you’ve wondered what happens at the after party.  I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what happens after a party by the pond (even if it is a mini version and not The Official Party By the Pond).  Following our little impromptu picnic/party on Saturday, a number of rain storms moved through.  In between the raindrops and my little cool off in the rain, I went out for a little walk, taking the camera along, to see how the water might have prettied up everything.  (That’s an unofficial photography term:  prettied up.)

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256: Numbers

One peony, many petals

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Numbers.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, and decided to wait until inspiration arrived.  Or didn’t arrive.  It’s okay if I miss a photo challenge since it isn’t part of any of my ongoing commitments.

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251: Pulchritude

(Dragonfly and pond lights)

Pulchritude has to be one of the oddest words for beauty I have ever seen or heard.  There are so many other words that I think say it better, and I often wonder if anyone ever uses the word pulchritude and if so, what would be the occasion for using it?  It’s all a matter of perception, I suppose.  There are some out there who probably adore the word pulchritude.  Beauty is, they say, in the eye of the beholder.

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