Stormy weather

Sunset on the deck yesterday

March has decided to come in like a lion this year.  Shortly after I posted yesterday I stepped outside to find summer-like warmth and humidity had taken over.  The birds were chattering.  Insects were buzzing.  Clouds skimmed briskly across the skyscape.  A tornado watch was issued.  It was the clash of the seasons.  Spring had bullied its way in and Winter was trying to make a comeback.

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More from Reeds Gap State Park

Honey Creek. Reeds Gap State Park, Pennsylvania.

Today has been filled with sunshine.  A perfect day for working around the house and outdoors, getting a head start on the spring cleaning.  It’s too chilly to open the windows and air out the house, but just letting the sunlight in seems to have cleansed the place.  It also showed me what needs to be cleaned.  There’s nothing like the light of day to show off all the dust.

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A hike at sunset

It’s great to be home.  M and I were not gone long, but it still feels good to relax in our own home and sleep in our own bed.  The trip was successful, for lack of a better word.

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this world
bristles with thorns…
yet there are lotuses

~Issa, 1815

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A POST that’s been sitting around

Scene from POST (Philadelphia Open Studio Tours). In the common area of this particular studio building.

Back in October of another year (2011), as you may or may not recall or may be just learning about if you’re new to Life in the Bogs, M and I went east to visit family and surprised a friend by showing up at her studio during POST.  I took a few photos while I was there, but hadn’t taken the time to sort through them.  While I was ill with the Attack of the Shingles (sounds like a bad movie, doesn’t it?), I had plenty of sitting around time and used some of it to look at old photos.  I know they’re not THAT old, but so many images have been captured since that time that they feel old to me.

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Because I want to live in a bookstore

I’ve always wanted to live in a bookstore, especially the big, rambling kind like the Book Loft which has 32 rooms of books, and you’re led from one room to the next as if following a bird or a butterfly.  Or the Book Barn in Chester County, Pennsylvania where I swear you can get lost and it might be years before they find you again.  I exaggerate a little, but it is a wonderful place to ramble and browse.

Since I don’t live in a bookstore and it’s unlikely I’ll live in a bookstore, I have to settle for liking videos such as the one I brought you today.  I have seen it on a couple of blogs and over at Facebook (because I know and/or follow other people who would love to live in a bookstore).

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A card for you

Whatever you’re celebrating this season, may it be filled with warmth, joy, love, and peace.

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